Kid’s Track Out Camp At UNC Wellness Centers at NW Cary

Campers will enjoy a full day of active and engaging activities focused on promoting health and wellness through fitness, adventure, teambuilding and education.  Camp Themes will rotate throughout the year, allowing campers new and exciting experiences each week!

 Camp Dates

No dates at this time.


Registration can be done online through the member portal or at the Northwest Cary Front Desk

What to know? 

  • Online enrollment must be completed via computer.  At this moment, there is no mobile compatibility through the application.
  • Members follow the 3-Step process for Online Camp Enrollment below.
  • Non-Members will sign up at the NWC Front Desk
  • All questions related to Online Enrollment should be directed to: Eliza Evans, Youth Fitness Coordinator, 984-974-6023 or

How to Register Online

Step 1) Adding your child as a member in the database

If your child is already in our system database you may proceed to Step 2). Examples: If you have registered your child for a swim lesson or they were added as a member to your account.

If your child is not in our database, you must click on the link below, complete and submit the information. Current or potential participants will not be able to enroll through camp registration without being in our facility management software database. Once this has been completed, your child will be added within 1 business day and you may proceed to Step 2).

Step 2) Member Login Account

If you have created a membership account online you may continue to Step 3).

If you need guidance on how to create an online account, click here for step by step instructions. Once you have created your membership login you may continue to Step 3).

Step 3) Registering in Camp

Log into your membership account online, click on “Camp”, select Track out Camps. If you need guidance on how to register for Camp through online account, click here for step by step instructions.

**NOTE: After registering through the online portal, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Your enrollment will not be complete until you fill out the DocuSign Form provided in that e-mail. Once this additional document is received and processed, your camper will be added to the selected camp session(s). If you did not receive this e-mail contact Eliza Evans, Youth Fitness Coordinator at

Track Out Schedule

8:30-9am Arrival, Check-in Classroom
9-9:30am Team Building Activity
9:30-10:30am Group Games on Turf
10:30-11am Snack Time
11-12pm Open Swim
12-12:15pm Changing Time
12:15-12:45pm Lunch Time
12:45-4:45pm Rotation Activities
4:45-5:15pm Pick up

*Rotation Activities include indoor and outdoor games, rock climbing, arts and crafts, group exercise classes, cooking, and theme specific activities.

$230 Members
$255.00 Non Members
10% off additional sibling

Frequenty Asked Questions

What ages? Rising first through 8th grade.  The child must have completed kindergarten to enroll.

What are the hours of camp? 9am-5:00pm

Drop off is between 8:30-9am and pick up is between 4:45-5:15pm.

What time is drop off and pick up? Children may arrive between 8:30-9:00am. Please do not drop your camper off prior to 8:30am. Parent/Guardian must park their vehicle and walk their child into the facility and sign the child into the camp.

Children must be picked up between 4:45-5:15pm. You must come in the building to sign your camper out each day. Photo ID is required and must match the names listed on your camper’s “Authorized Pick Up” chart.

What is the cost for one week of camp? Is there an additional child discount? One week of camp for members is $230 per child, per week. Non-members are $255 per child, per week. Additional children are offered a 10% discount.

What methods of payment can I use? We accept cash, check or credit card payment for the payment of registration. Full payment is required at the time of registration to reserve the child’s space.

What activities are included in camp? Our facility has a lot to offer and our campers get to enjoy it all! Summer camp activities include indoor and outdoor sports, swimming, climbing on the rockwall, arts and crafts, nature, activities in the gym as well as outside on the turf, and group exercise classes!

What should campers bring every day?

  • Swim suit, swim clothing and or goggles (we swim every day)
  • Lunch and morning snack
  • Athletic shoe/closed toe
  • Water bottle
  • Recommended change of clothing

What do campers do for lunch? Campers play hard and get hungry! Please provide a morning snack as well as a bag lunch each day. Lunches should be in a paper, plastic, or reusable bag with their name clearly labeled on the bag. Campers do not have access to a microwave or refrigerator. Snacks must be peanut-free. Please do not send gum or candy. Afternoon snack is provided however, if allergies are a concern please provide an additional snack from home.

How are the children divided up and how does the staffing work? Are children grouped by age? Campers are grouped according to age/grade. If there are numerous campers in a particular age group, we will split the larger group into two smaller ones. There will be one head counselor for each group and floater counselors assisting at stations such as the rock wall or outdoor turf. Also, assisting in supervising our summer camp program is the Youth Fitness Coordinator who is onsite daily.

What if the camp session is full? Is there a wait list? If the program is full, we offer the option to add a participant to the waitlist. Being placed on the wait list does not guarantee a spot in the program. Please ensure that your contact information is current at the time you are placed on a wait list, the Youth Fitness Coordinator will contact wait listed individuals on a first come, first served basis as space in the program becomes available.

What is the dress code? Participants should wear shorts and a light weight shirt or top. We recommend a sweatshirt or jacket for indoor activities. Campers need to wear some type of athletic shoe or sneaker each day to camp. Sandals, flip flop crocs style or any other type of open shoe should not be worn to camp. If your camper is not properly attired, they will not be permitted to participate in camp activities and a parent/guardian will be notified and asked to bring appropriate attire.

Do campers swim every day? Is there a swim test? Yes, please bring a swimsuit or swim clothing with you each day. Goggles are recommended. Certified lifeguards supervise all swimming activities. Children will complete a swim test the first time they attend the pool.

  1. Swim continuously for 25 yards
  2. Tread water in 9 feet for one (1) minute

Once assessed, swimmers will wear a swim band indicating where they are allowed in the pool. If the child cannot pass the swim test, he or she must stay in the 3½ foot depth of the pool area. If your child does not wish to swim they may choose an alternative activity supervised by one of the camp counselors

Is there a lost and found? Yes. Please be sure to mark all clothing and bags with camper’s full name. All lost and found items will be placed in the lost and found box located on the table in the classroom where campers sign in to and out of camp. 

Additional Information

Medical Concerns
If your camper becomes ill or injured during camp, the parent/guardian or additional contact person noted on the Participant Registration and Release Form will be notified. You should make necessary arrangements to have your child picked up.

Please fill out the Medication Distribution Form if medication needs to be administered during camp hours (including medication for asthma and epi-pen.) Feel free to set up an appointment with the Youth Coordinator to discuss any additional details and or concerns before the start of the camp week.

Please leave the following items at home:

  • Cell Phone
  • Any electronics with screens
  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable personal belongings

Have you?

  1. Completely filled out and submitted the Kid’s Summer Camp Participant Registration and Release Form
  2. Waiver and Informed Consent
  3. Additional Contact Information
  4. Child’s Authorized Pick-up
  5. Sign the Rock Climbing Wall Waiver