Personal Training

The Personal Training department’s mission is to empower, educate and enhance the lives of the people in our community through individualized fitness programming. Personal Training has two main functions; personal training and health evaluations. Additionally, this department provides leadership for special sport programs, like triathlon and marathon programs. This group also offers one-on-one Pilates Reformer sessions for members and guests. Personal training is available to all members, but personal training fees are not included in the basic membership fees; packages and fees are detailed in the personal training brochure.


UNC Wellness Centers have the area’s top certified personal trainers. All Personal Trainers have four-year degrees and Nationally Accredited Personal Training certifications. Several staff members are Masters educated and most have specialty certifications ranging from Senior Fitness and Pilates to Athletic Training and Triathlon Coaching. Read the Personal Training staff bios for Meadowmont here and for Northwest Cary here.

Benefits of Training

  • Get professional support with an individualized exercise program that will improve your overall health and fitness
  • Set and reach realistic goals together
  • Learn proper technique and form to perform exercises safely and efficiently
  • Stay motivated with new routines and introducing a variety of exercises to your current exercise program
  • Understand your plateaus and how to get beyond those plateaus

Flexible Package Options

UNC Welllness Centers offer a variety of packages designed to suit your needs ranging from individual, semi-private and small group training. Packages range from one session to 24 sessions. Additionally,we offer multi-service packages which integrate personal training and nutritional resources for a comprehensive approach.

Get Started

The best way to get started is to complete our Personal Training Intake Form and email it to the manager for your preferred location. We will work to match you with the appropriate trainer, based on your fitness goals, medical history, and availability. For additional information about our services, please feel free to reach out by phone or email.

Kathy DeBlasio, Wellness Programs Manager

Northwest Cary
Neva Avery, Wellness Services Coordinator


Member Individual
Package Member Non-member
1 Session $70 $82
*Firestarter (3) $192 $240
6 sessions $399 $468
12 sessions $756 $885
24 sessions $1428 $1674
30-minute Sessions
Package Member Non-member
1 session $40 $45
2 sessions $80 $90
8 sessions $304 $342
16 sessions $576 $648
24 sessions $816 $918
Member Semi-Private (2) and Clinical
Package Member Non-member
1 session $85 $97
3 sessions $249 $285
6 sessions $486 $552
12 sessions $918 $1047
24 sessions $1734 $1980
Small Group Training (3 person Package)
Package Member Non-member
1 session $105 $117
3 sessions $309 $345
6 sessions $600 $669
12 sessions $1134 $1263
Small Group Training (4 person Package)
Package Member Non-member
1 session $120 $132
3 sessions $352 $388
6 sessions $684 $752
12 sessions $1296 $1426

** Sessions may be used for Pilates Reformer, private yoga, and triathlon swim sessions as well as training.

Multi-Service Packages
Welcome to Wellness:
1 each of training, massage, and nutrition: $215 member, $247 non-member
Lifestyle Change: 3 training, 1 resting metabolic rate, 1 nutrition counseling: $312 member, $380 non-member  

Dividend Program for Lifestyle Enhancement Wellness Programs

Individuals dealing with metabolic, orthopedic, neuromuscular issues, or a combination of medical challenges can feel comfortable exercising with a highly educated trainer who will communicate with the clinical client’s personal physician or therapist. Clinical training is meant to be a “step-down” from rehab services into independent exercise or regular personal training.

Thank you for choosing the UNC Wellness Centers for your personal training!  We would like to thank you for every 24 sessions (training or massage) you use, by giving you a complimentary service.  Please choose the service you would like from the list below and let your trainer or therapist know your choice:

  • 60-minute hour massage
  • 60-minute training session
  • One nutrition counseling or Resting Metabolic Rate test

You will have 3 months to use your complimentary service.  It is not transferable and will disappear from your account if unused after 3 months, so schedule it soon!

This program is for current packages and is not retroactive.

This program is for current packages and is not retroactive. Any questions about this program should be addressed to Kathy DeBlasio, Wellness Programs Manager, at (984) 974-2561 or  for Meadowmont or Neva Avery, Wellness Services Manager at NW Cary, at (984) 974-2555 or


“Over the past year and a half I have trained with Neva Avery, Personal Trainer at the UNC Wellness Northwest Cary location twice a week. My primary goal working with a personal trainer was to prepare for both pre and post-operative rehabilitation of joint replacements and rotator cuff repair.   Based on my positive experience working with Neva, I chose to continue personal training with a focus on core conditioning and weight management.   Neva has built a program specific to my requirements which consists of a combination of both gym exercises along with pool exercises and therapy.  I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made in meeting my training goals working with Neva at UNC Wellness.” – Mark W.

“Personal Trainer, WHY?  Hell NO! So I said a few years ago.  Then, as my journey to fitness began many years ago, as I was involved with all kinds of activities including running, parachuting, yoga, etc. I began to wonder.  While all those activities keep me in the “mode”, I was maintaining strength and weight, and neither progressing nor being challenged. As I aged, I became concerned with finding some way to continue what I was doing but also to improve body health. I finally decided to look into professional help, a personal trainer.  My goals were to increase flexibility, balance, and strength.  What I finally found was a professional, a personal trainer, that has helped me to focus on my total body health.  Patrick Service, my personal trainer at UNC Wellness has changed the way that I look at explicit exercises that have increased my strength, mobility, and balance and as an aside; I have lost 9 pounds – not an original goal.”

“Patrick is teaching me the importance of the balance between strength training and core exercises. So incredible!   I found that the motivation that I need by working with him is essential in that I would not do the regime that he designs if not working with him on a regular basis.  He has also given me exercise that I can do on my own, both at home and at the gym.  He has also designed for me illustrated programs that I can use at either site.  I could not do anything like this on my own.  He has also pinpointed weaknesses in my body that I did not know and has designed exercises that will help me to compensate.

As of this date Patrick, through his consistent guidance, has increased my balance, flexibility, and movement through space. Without his guidance as an exceptional trainer, I would not be continuing on this journey of health and fitness, and I so thank him. I feel that all would benefit from a personal trainer like Patrick, even if once a week.” -Barbara Vincent 

“Karla has given me my life back. I will be forever grateful to her and to you for hiring this incredible dynamo. She is exactly what I needed. Karla has enormous patience and heart. She has so many gifts that she graciously shares with her clients.”  – Colleen Frank