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Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

The mission of yoga therapy is to adapt the practices of yoga to your individual health needs. We’ve designed yoga therapy to help empower you to progress toward greater health and well-being.

How Yoga Therapy Works
Our yoga therapist is experienced in designing a customized yoga practice for people with one or more health challenges. You will experience yoga therapy in a one-on-one session with your therapist, or you may be with a small group of individuals with similar conditions and needs, such as:

What to Expect
In yoga therapy, your needs are the focus of the session rather
than teaching yoga methodology. Through the use of their trained skills, the yoga therapist works with you to develop a plan and the yoga session or sessions unfold from there. Your yoga therapist understands why you have come for the yoga therapy session and, working together, you and your yoga therapist develop your customized yoga practice to support your unique needs. This customized practice may include:

  • Meditation
  • Breathing techniques
  • Yoga postures

No previous yoga experience is required.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy
As you explore the connections between your mind and body, you may realize benefits in:

  • Ability to manage life circumstances, including stress
  • Balance
  • Breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Improved function in activities of daily living
  • Strength
  • Symptom relief from a chronic health condition


Member Individual
1 Session$70$82
*Firestarter (3)$192$240
6 sessions$399$468
12 sessions$756$885
24 sessions$1428$1674

Yoga Therapist
All yoga therapists are professionally prepared in health and healthy lifestyles at the graduate level, have a minimum yoga certification of 200 hours, and are registered with the Yoga Alliance. Additionally, each yoga therapist is trained in the art and science of therapeutic yoga. They have an understanding of anatomy and physiology related to yoga as well as an understanding of illness and disease and the associated symptoms. 

Each therapist has been trained to assess needs through listening, questioning, observing and the use of appropriate touch. Yoga therapists do not diagnose medical conditions. We recommend that yoga therapy participants ensure they are cleared by their physician to participate in an exercise program, if applicable. The yoga therapist is happy to speak with your physician or family member about the sessions.

Janet Thompson, MS, RN, ERYT, PRYT
Janet has been a yoga instructor since 2009 and has been with UNC Wellness Centers since 2011. She is a yoga therapist with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and was certified in July 2017. Janet has taught Hatha yoga since 2013 and she’s honed her skills as a teacher, focusing on alignment and modifying yoga postures to help a broader range of individuals to practice yoga.

Janet’s goal is to learn how she can modify the practice of yoga to help individuals improve their function and relieve or lessen symptoms of health conditions. Individuals are then empowered to be as independent as possible in their daily activities and self-care.

Prior to teaching yoga, Janet practiced nursing for 34 years in a variety of health care settings. She saw how injuries and illness can influence people’s ability to move and perform self-care duties. She wanted to touch lives by helping people gain strength, balance, flexibility and endurance through yoga – a great way to link professional nursing and yoga.


To schedule an appointment with one of our therapists you may email them directly at:

Janet Thompson: janetrthompson@gmail.com