Personal Training

Personal Training

The Personal Training department’s mission is to empower, educate and enhance the lives of the people in our community through individualized fitness programming. Personal Training has two main functions; personal training and health evaluations. Additionally, this department provides leadership for special sports programs, like triathlon and marathon programs. This group also offers one-on-one Pilates Reformer sessions for members and guests. Personal training is available to all members, but personal training fees are not included in the basic membership fees. Packages and fees are detailed below under the rates tab.


UNC Wellness Centers have the area’s top certified personal trainers. All Personal Trainers have four-year degrees and Nationally Accredited Personal Training certifications. Several staff members are Master’s educated and most have specialty certifications ranging from Senior Fitness and Pilates to Athletic Training and Triathlon Coaching. Read the Personal Training staff bios for Meadowmont here and for Northwest Cary here.

Benefits of Training

  • Get professional support with an individualized exercise program that will improve your overall health and fitness
  • Set and reach realistic goals together
  • Learn proper technique and form to perform exercises safely and efficiently
  • Stay motivated with new routines and introduce a variety of exercises to your current exercise program
  • Understand your plateaus and how to get beyond those plateaus

Flexible Package Options

UNC Wellness Centers offer a variety of packages designed to suit your needs ranging from individual, semi-private, and small group training. Packages range from one session to 6 sessions. 

Get Started

The best way to get started is to complete our Personal Training Intake Form. We will work to match you with the appropriate trainer, based on your fitness goals, medical history, and availability. For additional information about our services, please feel free to reach out by phone or email.

Kathy DeBlasio, Wellness Programs Manager

Northwest Cary
Neva Avery, Wellness Programs Coordinator

30-minute Sessions
1 Session*$50$66
3 Sessions*$147$192
6 sessions†$285$375
12 sessions†$555$723
60-minute Sessions
1 session*$87$118
3 sessions*$255$342
6 sessions†$495$672
12 sessions†$960$1320
Partner Personal Training 1-hour sessions; 2 participants (price per person)
1 session*$55$62
6 sessions†$324$366
12 sessions†$630$718
Small Group Personal Training 1-hour sessions; 3-10 participants (price per person)
4 session*$140$170
6 sessions†$204$250

Sessions may be used for Pilates Reformer, private yoga, triathlon swim sessions, and personal training.

*1, 3, and 4 session packages expire within 6 months
†6 and 12 session packages expire within 12 months

 “I have been working with Karla in Parkinson’s classes for a few years.  She has also been my personal trainer for a few months.  In both cases, Karla has been great to work with.  For a client, motivation is often the most difficult part.  Karla has the ability to move clients from "needing" to "exercise" to wanting to exercise.” - Larry D.

“My fitness journey began when I was almost 60 years old and in an orthopedic boot.  I was a 5-6 times a week tennis player who had torn a tendon and fractured a bone in my ankle.  I decided instead of sitting around for 5 weeks, I would start working with a personal trainer at the UNC Wellness Center.  I had been a member for almost 3 years and rarely went. Beth Blount, my personal trainer is incredible – she personalized my workouts to meet my needs even while in a boot.  We worked on strength training, stretching, and core exercises --- areas I had never focused on.  She has challenged and encouraged me to try things that I never imagined I could do.   I am now out of the boot and still working with Beth.  She has given me the confidence and knowledge to work out at the center on days we are not together.   Beth makes working out fun and something I look forward to!”  - Diane S.