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Fitness Clinics

How-To Fitness Clinics

If you are new to fitness or are joining a facility for the first time, you are in the majority. Industry statistics show that over 70% of individuals have never been a member at a fitness center before. If you are not new to fitness and simply would like to shake up your exercise routine, we are here to help you make this transition by educating you on the many different ways you can improve your overall fitness.

In addition to the variety of assessments, orientations, and programming that we offer to you as part of your membership, we also hold free “How-To” clinics on numerous topics designed to teach you how to do these exercises safely, help you stay motivated, and add more variety to your workout.

These 30-minute clinics are taught by one of our Wellness Center Attendants and are held in small groups. Registration is required and can be done anytime at our Fitness Desk or by calling our Front Desk.

Please see our calendars for the Fitness Clinic schedule. If you see a clinic that does not work with your schedule because of the day and time, please speak with Wellness Center Attendant about scheduling a time to go through the clinic with you or check back the following month as we will rotate the clinics into different time slots each month. Below is a list of the clinics we offer and a brief description. Wellness Center Attendants will be happy to provide you with information on any requested clinic topic.

CORE Training: Learn how to increase strength for the lower back, abdominals, hips, and shoulders to improve core stability, flexibility, balance, strength, and mobility.

Free Weights: Upper Body: Learn to perform free weight exercises using dumbbells, barbells, plate-loaded, and body-weighted exercises. Lower Body: Learn to perform free weight exercises using dumbbells, barbells, plate-loaded, and body-weighted exercises.

Functional Training: A fundamental class to define functional training, why it is important, and how to get started. Activity will include resistance exercises using bodyweight, stability ball, medicine balls, and other functional tools.

Stretching 101: Learn how to effectively use the StretchMate, and to stretch standing up or on a mat.

Get on the Ball: Learn to use the Stability Ball to perform movements for the entire body including the upper body, lower body, and the CORE. This clinic also includes stretching.

Balance Works: Prevent falls and injuries by practicing moves proven to improve your balance.

Women with Weights: Lifting weights can help women achieve a toned body, boost metabolism and build stronger bones and muscles. Learn how to do it in this women-only clinic.

Resistance Bands 101: Gain experience using the light and portable resistance bands for a full-body strength training workout.

Kettlebell Training: A kettlebell is a cast-iron weight with a handle used to perform swinging exercises. You can do cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training, but it can be dangerous if you do not have proper training. Please take this clinic before using the kettlebells!

BodyWeight Training: Learn how your body is the best piece of exercise equipment you have. Get a cardiovascular or strength training workout with no equipment.

Bosu Bootcamp: This oldie but goodie provides many balance and core strengthening benefits through a variety of exercises targeting all areas of the body.

Circuit Training: Learn the basics of circuit training and how it can be a beneficial strength and cardiovascular workout

Foam Rolling: Use a foam roller to loosen tight muscles, improve mobility, and reduce risk of injury also as a great post-race recovery tool

Kid Cardio (ages 8-12): This clinic will show children between 8-12 how to use the Cardio Equipment.

TRX Training: Learn how using TRX straps can be adjusted to suit your fitness goals and abilities while getting a full body workout in the process.

Youth Movement (ages 8-12): This clinic will teach children aged 8-12 to use their body weight to become stronger and more fit.