Cardiac Rehab (Meadowmont Facility)

UNC Hospitals Cardiac Rehab, exclusively at the Meadowmont facility, provides a comprehensive outpatient program for individuals recovering from cardiac events or surgery. Participants are referred to Cardiac Rehab by their health care provider. Exercise is a key component of the program, which also includes stress management, diet assessment, and patient education.

UNC Hospitals Cardiac Rehabilitation offers multidisciplinary programs combining medically supervised exercise, education, and counseling. Our programs are designed to help you recover from a cardiovascular event or surgery, as well as to manage your risk factors for heart disease. Those with other health conditions may also benefit from the exercise, education, and support provided by our programs.

Patients are often concerned about the cost of cardiac rehabilitation. Medicare and most other insurers cover part of the cost of cardiac rehabilitation; payment plans can be set up to cover any remaining balance. Cardiac rehabilitation programs have insurance specialists and financial counselors to answer your questions and help you explore your options.

Our programs will help you improve your cardiovascular health and learn to exercise safely. With the expertise and support of our team of professionals, you will be able to make lifestyle changes based on targeted risk factors. Our programs include medically supervised exercise designed for you by an exercise physiologist. Dietary counseling, stress management, psychosocial support, and ongoing health education classes are also included. Exercise sessions allow you to participate with others who have similar risk factors and medical conditions. Each session consists of a warm up, individualized aerobic exercise, and a cool down period. Nurses trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and certified Exercise Specialists are always in attendance. A physician is present during all Rehab sessions.

UNC Hospitals Cardiac Rehab also offers the Bridge to Wellness program, for individuals who will benefit from medically-supervised exercise but for whom Cardiac Rehab is not indicated. Participants in the Bridge to Wellness program must be referred by their physician. Depending on your diagnosis, your insurance may or may not cover the cost of our programs. You may ask your physician to refer you or call our office at (919) 843-2158 to request information or referral forms. Please click here to access the Bridge to Wellness program referral form.

UNC Hospitals Cardiac Rehabilitation is certified by both the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) and the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation.