Youth and Adult swim lessons are offered throughout the year for swimmers ages 3 and up. Group and private swim lessons are a member based program only. UNC Wellness Centers swim lessons emphasize water safety and skill and stroke development.  Beginning swimmers are introduced to basic stroke movement and learn how to be more comfortable in the water. More advanced swimmers are instructed in stroke technique, endurance and safety skills. UNC swim lessons have a low child-to-instructor ratio to ensure plenty of time in the water.

Group Swim Lessons Information

The next session of group swim lessons at Northwest Cary will begin on January 6, 2020 and run until January 30,2020.  Registration for all participants will open on Friday 12/20 at 8 am.  You must use your online member account to enroll; please check our website for specific instructions.  We recommend logging into your member account to make sure you have access and to make sure your participants are listed on the account prior to registration.

Tips for Smooth Registration:

  • You have a current membership
  • Your child is on your account (Details under How to Register for Group Swim Lessons)
  • You have login access to your account (Click here to create an account)
  • You have the ability to charge to your account or have a credit card on file

Swim Lessons Cost:
Parent & Tot Classes (ages 6 months -36 months):$95.00
Pre-K (ages 3-5),  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced:  $95.00
Youth (ages 6-12), Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced: $95.00
Adult lessons (ages 13 and up) Beginner, Advanced: $105.00


Schedule: Classes are 2 times a week. Sessions last 4 weeks. All pre-k and youth classes are 30 minutes in length. Adult classes are 30 minutes in length. 13 and above.

Arrive early: Allow at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the class to ensure you have adequate time to park, check-in, and assist your child into his/her swim attire.

Late Arrival: If you are late or not ready when the instructor calls for your child, the instructor will only be able to swim the child for the remainder of the allotted lesson time.

Child Location/First Day: Your lane assignment is indicated on our website. A lesson liaison will be onsite to direct you to the appropriate spot to wait for your instructor.

Pool Closure/Lesson Interruption /Makeups: In the event of a thunderstorm or facility emergency, the pool closes for your safety and everyone must evacuate the pool area.  If your child misses a class we cannot prorate or credit missed classes for any reason.  Each group is allowed 1 makeup for pool closure by the UNC Wellness Centers due to safety reasons.  For immediate information regarding pool closures call the UNC Wellness Centers Front Desk.

Ratios: All lessons are up to 4:1 swimmer/instructor ratio (except advanced is up to 6:1).

Instructors: Instructors will be assigned at the conclusion of registration

Changes/Cancellations: Due to the limited availability, we do not make changes once you have purchased a specific level. No refunds will be given once you have purchased a session.

Restroom/Locker rooms: Please make sure your child uses the restroom and showers off before his/her lesson.  We have just two family changing rooms. Please be considerate and restrict the amount of time you spend so that others may use the space as well.

What to wear/bring: We require all children under 3 years old and any children who are not completely potty trained to wear a reusable swim diaper. This diaper must be snug fitting and non-disposable.  Swim caps are optional but long hair can get in your eyes so you will want to pull it back.  Goggles for intermediate and advanced levels are strongly encouraged.  Please bring your own lock to use the lockers on pool deck.

Parent/Guardian Reminder: The most important role of a parent or guardian during swimming lessons is to be positive and patient with your swimmer’s success. There is no set pace for your child’s swimming improvement.  To maintain quality class management, parents are required to sit and observe lessons from the designated seating areas located near your child’s lane.

How to Register for Group Swim Lessons

In order for your child to be added to our database, you must click on the link below, complete and submit the information. Once this has been completed, your child will be added to our database within 1 business day. Current or potential participants will not be able to enroll through program registration without being in our facility management software database.  If you have already registered your child in a previous session or your child is already a member in our database, you do not need to complete this form.

1) Complete the electronic document as noted above. Within one business day, your child will be entered into our database and will be eligible to enroll.
2) Log into your membership account online, click on Program Registration, select Aquatics. If you need guidance on how to create an online account, click here for step by step instructions.  Note: Program will only be visible during the Open Registration period.
3) Register for the appropriate swim lesson. If you need guidance on how to register for swim lessons through your online account, click here for step by step instructions.

Swim Assessments

If it is your first time registering for lessons, or if you are new to our Learn-to-Swim safely program you will need to have your child complete a swim assessment. Swim assessments will ensure your child is placed in the appropriate level.   We do not issue credits or guarantee a spot in another group, if your child is placed incorrectly.

Swim assessments are provided at no additional charge.  Swim assessments are available on first come first serve basis.

Upcoming Dates:

All Swim assessments are at NW Cary in lane 7 or the warm pool.   Registration is not necessary, please check in at the front desk.  Swim assessments are complimentary and on a first come first serve basis.

Sunday 1/26 10:45-12:00 with Ainslee

Saturday 2/1 10-11:30 with Christine

Sunday 2/2 1-2:30 with Kathleen

Monday 2/3 4:30-6 with Christine

Tuesday 2/4 5:30-7 with Maggie

Wednesday 2/5 6-7 with Michaela

Thursday 2/6 4:30-6 with Will

Private Swim Lessons

Enrollment for February private swim lessons is now open.  Click here to enroll.


Single private lesson: $50.00

Single semi-private lesson: $80.00

4- Pack private lesson: $200.00

4- pack semi-private lesson: $320.00