Aquatics Area

Aquatics Area

The aquatics area consists of a 7-lane, 25-yard indoor heated pool, a whirlpool, and a sauna. The main pool includes a deep end which allows us to increase the type of group fitness programming we can offer. Lap lanes will always be available. The aquatics area will be open during regular facility hours. However, the area will close 15 minutes prior to the facility closing to allow users time to shower, change, and exit the building before the facility closes. The main pool’s temperature will be maintained at around 83 degrees and the air temperature between 83 and 86 degrees. Lifeguards are always on duty. 

  • Online Reservation

    (May reserve lap lane online within 7 days of the reservation beginning at 12:00 pm)

    1. Create your online account by clicking here. On this page, enter the appropriate information to create your login credentials.  If you have any issues creating your account, please contact us and we can have temporary login credentials emailed to you.
    2. Once you have created your account or if you already have your login credentials, log into your membership account on the same page you created your account. Enter your username and password and click Login.
    3. On the home page, click the Scheduler button.
    4. Click the Aquatics button.
    5. Select a Lap Lane. 
    6. Enter in the date you would like to reserve a lap lane and hit Continue.
    7. On the next page, you will be able to see all of the 30 minute slots that are available to reserve for the lap lane and date you selected.  If you do not see an option that works, you can continue to search for other options by wellness center location, any lap lane and other dates. Reminder: lap lanes can be reserved up to 1 week in advance and members are allowed to book one slot per day during that one week period.
    8. Click the Add to Cart button when you are ready to make a reservation for a time slot. 
    9. Click Continue to confirm adding the reservation slot to your cart.
    10. Select the individual using the reservation and select the Host button. The member and the reservation will be verified at the front desk when checking in. Individuals must be a minimum of 13 years old to use the pool at this time.
    11. Click the Continue to Cart button to confirm booking. 
    12. The next page will confirm your booking and you will receive a confirmation email to the email address on file. You can hit the Back button to start over and book a reservation for another day if allowable. 
    13. If you have any questions or issues, please CONTACT US and we will get back to you as soon as possible and will answer your email within 1 business day or sooner.

Reservation by Phone

(May reserve lap lane online within 7 days of the reservation beginning at 5:00AM)

  1. Call our front desk beginning June 1st during operating hours and our staff will be able to reserve a lap lane for you. 
  2. Meadowmont: 919-966-5500 and NW Cary: 919-957-5900.
  3. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 5am - 8pm; Saturday, 7am - 7pm; Sunday, 7am - 1pm.

How to View A Scheduled Lap Lane Reservation

  1. Sign in to your online member account.
  2. On your member account home page, select ‘Account Information’.
  3. Select ‘Reservation Report’ (Left Side of Screen).
  4. Input Date Criteria.
  5. Click ‘Show Report’ (Right Side of Screen) to view your scheduled reservation. 

How to Cancel A Scheduled Lap Lane Reservation

    1. Follow Steps 1-5 on How to View a Lap Lane Reservation.
    2. Look for ‘Schedule’ (1st Box at Bottom of Screen).
    3. Click Hyperlink of Lane Number/Appointment that you want to cancel.
    4. Click ‘Cancel Schedule’ (Bottom Right).
  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the sauna or whirlpool.
  • Please shower before entering.
  • We recommend cooling down before using the sauna or whirlpool.
  • Entering the sauna or whirlpool immediately after exercise may deplete your energy rapidly.
  • Please limit your time in the sauna or whirlpool to less than ten minutes.
  • People with high blood pressure should consult a physician before using the sauna or whirlpool.
  • Lap lanes 1-6 are reservation-based and can be booked through your online account, the UNC Wellness Centers app, or by contacting us at 984-974-5900. Lap Lane #7 is a drop-in lane and is available on a first come- first serve basis. Please note that Lane 7 will be reserved at times for programs such as swim lessons.
  • When approaching to share a lane, please courteously notify those already occupying the lane.
  • When sharing a lane (two people), each person may choose a side of the lane. Please stay on your side of the lane at all times to avoid a collision.
  • Keep to the right at all times.
  • If there is a workout set in progress, a swimmer may enter that lane only as part of the set.
  • Always be aware of what is going on in your lane. If a swimmer behind you looks as though they may pass you, stop and wait in the corner for them to pass.
  • Push off underwater to avoid making waves for other swimmers.

NW Cary: Lanes 1-4 are to be reserved for Aqua Aerobics classes. Meadowmont: Lanes 1-2 are reserved for Aqua Aerobics.


Swim Lessons at NW Cary

Youth and Adult swim lessons are offered throughout the year for swimmers ages 3 and up. Group swim lessons are for active members only. UNC Wellness Centers swim lessons emphasize water safety and skill and stroke development. Beginning swimmers are introduced to basic stroke movement and learn how to be more comfortable in the water. More advanced swimmers are instructed in stroke technique, endurance, and safety skills. UNC swim lessons have a low child-to-instructor ratio to ensure plenty of time in the water.

Ready to make a splash? The Learn to Swim Program will resume group lessons in September!

Registration Link: The link to request to register a participant will be live during the designated enrollment window. Click this link during open enrollment 👉: Registration Request Form 

Parent/Tot, Youth, Adult Lessons

  • Twice a week: 30-minute - 8 sessions: $135.00
  • Once a week: 30-minute - 4 sessions: $67.00

Questions or inquiries? Reach out to:
📧 Paula Keck:
📧 Eliza Evans:

We require all participants to be pre-qualified for their swim level prior to registration.  To pre-qualify you must have 1) completed group swim lessons previously OR 2) had a swim assessment prior to registration.  Swim assessments will ensure your child is placed at the appropriate level.   We do not issue credits or guarantee a spot in another group if your child is placed incorrectly.

If you have never been in our program and require a swim assessment, please complete the answers using this form to obtain a code for the request to register.

Your chances in the lottery system increase when you:  

  • Input the swim participant’s name exactly as it is listed on the member account. 
  • Make sure all participants are added to the account. 
  •  Submit only one request form per participant. Multiple entries for the same participant may filter out all requests. 
  • Update email address. The confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated and listed on your member account. If you would like this email updated call the NW Cary Front Desk at 984-974-5900. 
  • Only select the time options you can attend. With more requests than availability, you might receive your third choice!  
  • If your membership is on freeze, in order to be considered and enrolled, you will need to unfreeze your membership.  

Submitting Your Request to Register 

  • The link to request to register a participant will be live during the designated enrollment window. Click this link during open enrollment: Registration Request Form 
  • The participant enrolling in the program must be added to the account. This can be completed on our website here or by contacting our membership office at 984-974-6054 
  • The code will be given by your current instructor or by using the swim assessment form located in the tab below. 
  • After entering your code, you will be directed to the class session(s) for your correct level.  
  • Only choose times that will work for your schedule as you will automatically be enrolled if space is available. Please note that not all levels are offered every session. 
  • Once you complete the form this will serve as your signature and consent to charge your account. You also acknowledge our policy states no credit or refunds will be issued.  
  • You will receive a completion email from the request to register form.  

Selection Process 

  • The application is a request only. It does not guarantee a spot for anyone. There is limited availability in our program.  
  • If selected for a class, we will send a confirmation email and automatically charge your account. You will also receive an instructor welcome email prior to the start of class.  
  • The selection is not time sensitive.  
  • The request is random, and the lottery selection is weighted based on participant level, previously enrolled participants for beginners and intermediates, and keeping sibling class times closer together. 

Do you have to be a member to participate? 

  • Yes, only active members can participate in our group swim program. Please contact the Front Desk at 919-957-5900 if you need to change your membership status. 

What code do I use for the registration request form?   

  • Current participants will receive a code on their report card given the last class of lessons from their instructor—if you are not able to attend the last lesson, your instructor will send an email with the code.  
  • New participants can fill out a questionnaire under the swim assessment tab on our website. 

What if I register for the wrong time/class? Or submit a wrong submission?  

  • If you recognize immediately that you made inaccurate choices, contact: 

Why am I not receiving my confirmation email?  

  • Confirmation emails will be sent 24-48 hours after the enrollment window closes. 
  • If selected in the program, the confirmation email will be sent to the email address associated and listed on your member account—check your spam folder as well. 
  • If you did not get in, you will receive an email with the status of your request as well as your code for the next session. 

Billing Questions? 

  • If selected for a swim lesson, your account will automatically be charged.  
  • The payment of your lesson will be deducted from your method of payment on your account at the end of the session.  

What if I am not selected? 

  • We do encourage our families with children and adults in the program to practice and develop the skills that they learned while participating in the program by reserving a lap lane or utilizing Lane 7 

Will you still be offering private swim lessons? 

  • No, we no longer offer private or semi-private swim lessons. 

What days will group lessons be offered? 

  • Group lessons will be offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings for 4 weeks for a total of 8 lessons per session. We will offer group lessons on Sundays for 4 weeks for a total of 4 lessons per session. Additionally, adult lessons are available Thursday evenings for 4 weeks for a total of 4 lessons per session.  

What if our swimmer can participate on Monday and Wednesday for one session, but can only do weekends for the next? 

  • Weekend sessions will focus on all skill sets meant to be introduced in a swim level.Switching from weeknights to weekends will not change the instruction your child is receiving.  
  • The reason you will find more advanced levels on weekends is to allow novice swimmers more repetition and exposure to the water during each session. 
  • Weekend participants are encouraged to come into the pool to practice and build upon the skills they’ve learned each week.  

Why is my level not offered?  

  • Our class offerings are based on pass/retake submissions from the previous session and assessments.  
  • Classes change each session. View the Swim Lesson Schedule located on the right hand side of the aquatics page to view the upcoming classes offered.  

How do you handle credits, refunds, and make-ups?  
Due to the limited availability and specific operational costs, no refunds, no credits, no transfers, and no make-ups are issued for illnesses, vacations, schedule conflicts, etc.  This allows us to maintain our small student-teacher ratios and keep member program costs down.