Membership Rates

SPECIAL PROMOTION THROUGH March 31st – Meadowmont and Northwest Cary locations: $0 Enrollment Fees

All individuals joining under one of the Standard Membership plans (Fitness, Corporate, UNC Employee) are typically required to pay an initial enrollment fee of $150. The enrollment fee for an adult that adds on to a Fitness Individual membership is $50 for a total of $200 for a Fitness Couple membership.  The enrollment fees are being waived through March 31st.

Dependents 8 – 24 years old are not charged enrollment fees and can be added to a Fitness Individual or Fitness Couple membership at any time. One dependent 8 – 24 years old is billed $14 per month while 2 or more dependents 8 -24 years old are charged a flat family rate of $20 per month.  Dependents 0 – 7 years old are not charged a monthly fee to access the facility.

Method of Payment Discount: Our administrative and processing costs are significantly reduced when billing a member’s Bank Account information to process the monthly membership dues billing.  If you currently use or convert to Bank Draft (Checking account and routing numbers needed) for your monthly dues method of payment, we will pass along these savings and you will receive a discount on their membership dues. The discounted rates are noted below.  Child and family rates will not be affected by either method of payment.

Enrollment fees for all individuals and household members are being waived now through March 31st, 2021, for both the Meadowmont and Northwest Cary locations.

Enrollment Fee Individual  Couple      Dependents
Fitness & UNC Employee Memberships     $150   $200             $0
Monthly Dues (Using Credit or Debit Card) Individual  Couple 1 or 2+ Dependents (ages 8-24)
Fitness Membership      $71    $125          $14/$20
UNC Employee Membership      $59    $102          $13/$19
Discounted Monthly Dues (Using Bank Draft) Individual Couple 1 or 2+ Dependents (ages 8-24)
Fitness Membership      $68    $120          $14/$20
UNC Employee Membership      $56    $98          $13/$19
*Members using a Bank Draft (Checking account and routing numbers provided) will receive these discounted rates*

Short-term Monthly Memberships are available for Students ($76) and non-student adults ($115).  These membership do not require an enrollment fee.