Membership Plans

A few membership plans are available to suit a variety of needs:

  • Standard Memberships (Fitness, UNC Employee, and Corporate)
  • One-Month Memberships (for non-students)
  • Student Memberships

Standard Membership

Standard Membership plans (Fitness, UNC Employee, or Corporate) are month-to-month memberships and do not require a long-term commitment. Memberships may be canceled at any time with 30 days notice. Membership dues for all Standard Memberships must be drafted each month via a direct debit (credit card, debit card or bank draft) or paid in advance on an annual basis.  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees and UNC Hospital employees have an additional option of using payroll deduction to pay for their monthly dues.  A discount is provided to members who are drafted each month with a bank draft. To see our membership rates, click here.

The following membership types are available under the Standard Membership plan:


The Fitness membership type is available to anyone wanting a Standard Membership. UNC Wellness Centers offer both Fitness Individual and Fitness Couple memberships. The couple membership allows up to two adults residing at the same address to join together.

UNC Employee

The UNC Employee membership type is identical to the Fitness membership type but provides a discounted rate and is available to active employees who are directly paid by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or UNC Hospitals.  The UNC Employee membership rates are also extended to current employees of UNC Physician’s Network, Rex Health Care and all retirees of the North Carolina Retirement System.  This includes retirees in the Teachers and State Employees, Local Government, Judicial and Legislative retirement systems.  For active employees, the discounted UNC Employee rates will be applied once employment has been verified through the respective payroll department. For retirees, the discounted UNC Employee rates will be applied once a Verification of Status letter has been submitted to the Membership Office.  The new rates will be in effect during the next billing cycle after the letter is received.  This letter can be obtained by contacting the NC Retirement System office at 877-627-3287.  Only one individual on a membership is required to be an employee or retiree to qualify for the UNC Employee rate. Independent contractors do not qualify.


The Corporate membership type is identical to the Fitness membership type but also provides a discounted rate. Corporate membership types are available to corporate groups maintaining 5 or more employee memberships. UNC Wellness Centers are here to provide your employees with the motivation and resources to reach their health and fitness goals. After you establish your corporate membership, you and your employees will enjoy the benefits of regular exercise such as reduced health care costs, increased productivity, and an overall improvement in health. To read more about the corporate membership guidelines, how to establish a corporate membership and view the application, click here.


Dependents 8 – 24 years old can add on to an adult’s membership for a monthly fee with certain facility access restrictions depending on age.  Children ages 7 and under can also be added to an adult’s membership but do not have to pay a monthly fee until they reach the age of 8.  Click here for more information on what areas children can access at UNC Wellness Centers. To see our family rates, click here.

One-Month Membership

A One-Month membership is available to individuals who do not wish to commit to more than one month at a time. Access to certain complimentary benefits awarded to Standard Memberships is restricted. Each month of membership must be paid prior to the start of the one month agreement.

Student Membership

A Student membership is identical to the One-Month Membership. The primary differences are the monthly rates and the Student Membership is only available to active students. Proof of status as a student is required at the time of enrollment.