Membership Documents

Membership Documents

During the enrollment process, the primary member must complete a membership application while all members must complete the Acknowledgement of Receipt of NPP brochure, Waiver and Release of Liability, and the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. When completing forms for your dependents (ages 0 – 17), please print the child’s name in the appropriate locations and include the parent or guardian’s signature in the appropriate locations.  Each dependent 18 – 25 years old must complete a set of forms for themselves.

Please schedule an appointment at your desired location to submit paperwork and complete the enrollment process.  Membership will be active once a membership representative has received all of the required paperwork including billing information and verified the information on the forms.  Please email us at to set an appointment with our membership office at either location to submit the necessary paperwork and complete the enrollment process.


Membership Application

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices brochure

Waiver and Release of Liability

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire

Notice of Privacy Practices brochure

Membership Handbook