Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Make the Most of Your UNC Wellness Center Membership

Your Standard Membership is all-inclusive and does not include a long-term contract. When you join, you’ll have access to:

  • All areas of both the Meadowmont and NW Cary wellness centers
  • An initial personal training consultation with a certified personal trainer
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Group fitness classes
  • Six electronic guest passes each year
  • Fitlinxx personal fitness tracking system
  • Health education program
  • Daily locker and towel service
  • Member pricing on services such as personal training, massage therapy, and swim lessons.

FitLinxx: Your Computerized Training Assistant

FitLinxx is a fitness tracking system that is attached to our equipment and is available to all members at no cost.

During your workout, the following information is displayed:

  • Type of workout
  • Weight/resistance
  • Repetitions
  • Pace of repetitions
  • Sets
  • Exercise range of motion
  • The amount of time you exercise
  • Calories burned

How FitLinxx Works

Most cardiovascular machines and Life Fitness strength training machines are directly wired to ActiveLinxx’s FitLinxx system. You can also manually log activities you complete in the Wellness Centers (e.g., running on the track, lifting free weights, swimming, group fitness classes, etc.) or outside of the facility (e.g., hiking, biking, walking the trail and more).

FitLinxx Interactive Coaching

When you do your strength exercises on a FitLinxx-powered machine, the training program coaches you throughout your set. The attached computer screen will display your speed and range of motion while exercising.

This interactive coaching and immediate feedback help increase safety, proper form, and motivation. The data that is collected is illustrated through graphs and summary sheets so you can immediately see your progress in real-time.

FitLinxx Performance Tracking

FitLinxx makes it possible for you to see your entire workout history in the facility or online at home. Progress reports including your workout history can be emailed to you. FitLinxx also provides personalized programs and ongoing individual feedback, making it a useful tool for everyone interested in knowing their health and wellness progress.

Use FitLinxx and Earn Prizes!

UNC Wellness Centers offer a rewards program based on the number of points you earn through FitLinxx. Points are earned at a rate of 5 points per minute of cardio, 10 points per strength station and 1 point per 100 pounds lifted. Earn prizes such as water bottles, hats, shirts, massages, and free months of membership!

Learn more about FitPoints Levels.

How to Get Started with FitLinxx

It’s simple! See a Wellness Center attendant the next time you are in the facility and they will help you get your FitLinxx account activated.

Free Assessments

Your UNC Wellness Center membership gives you access to so many options for improving your wellbeing. Our free assessments are a great way to get familiar with our facilities and build your momentum.

Need help setting and achieving your fitness goals? When you join the UNC Wellness Centers you get a complimentary 45-minute consultation with a certified personal trainer. The trainer will review your current fitness routine, your medical history and your fitness goals. Then they’ll share their recommendations on how to get a healthy start along with an exercise routine. To schedule an appointment, contact the front desk at either facility:

Meadowmont: 919-966-5500

Northwest Cary: 919-957-5900

A Fitness Floor Orientation can help you get started with a few cardio and strength machines. In addition, we will walk through the lower and upper levels of the center with you so you can get familiar with stretching areas, small equipment (e.g., bands, dumbbells, etc.), running track guidelines and cleaning/disinfection responsibilities (both member and staff).

FitLinxx Orientation is specifically for learning the FitLinxx fitness tracking system. We will set up your personal ID to log into the system. The Wellness Center attendant will explain how to use the FitLinxx devices attached to the LifeFitness strength equipment which tracks weights, repetitions and the tempo of your exercises.

These 30-minute orientations are by appointment only and can be scheduled at the fitness desk with one of our Wellness Center attendants.

Online Services

Adult members with a standard membership (fitness, corporate and UNC employee) and an active membership have access to our online services portal. This portal allows you to do the following:

  • Register for classes and make reservations for fitness areas
  • Edit contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses
  • Update your billing information (this can be done through the primary member’s account only)
  • View and print your attendance records
  • View and print your billing statements (this can be done through the primary member’s account only)

To access your account or create your credentials if you are a new user, click the “Member Login” button at the top of the page or click here.

If you run into any issues, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible to help you get started!

Membership Freeze

If medical circumstances or personal situations arise that keep you from visiting the UNC Wellness Centers for long periods of time, you can freeze your membership within certain guidelines. Notice and confirmation of any freeze must be secured before the freeze period begins. NOTE: A dependent will pay the Individual monthly rate if the primary Fitness Individual adult freezes their membership. Our membership office can help you and provide the appropriate documentation.

Do you need to freeze your membership? Contact us