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Guest Passes

Guest Passes

Dividend Guest Program

As a complimentary benefit to members with a Standard Membership plan, UNC Wellness Centers will give 6 “electronic” passes to each adult non-dependent member every year on July 1st. New members will receive 6 complimentary electronic passes at the time of enrollment. All Dividend Guest Passes expire every year on July 1st as these passes do not accumulate from year to year. These passes can be used by family and friends and can be redeemed at either location by bringing your guest to the front desk.

Guest Pass Guidelines

Guest passes provide non-members with access to the facility and programming on a daily basis. Guest passes provide access for the entire day, including multiple visits on the same day. Guest passes provide access to most areas of the facility and most programs, but UNC Wellness Centers reserve the right to limit access to specific areas or specific programs. Guest passes never provide access to ancillary membership benefits (health evaluations, member pricing on service packages, etc.) or programming or areas with limitations already in place (a group fitness class that is full, massage sessions, triathlon classes, etc.), unless the guest specifically fulfills the requirements of that program (pre-registration, non-member fees, etc.). Children under the age of 18 must be signed in by a responsible party who is at least 18 years old.

All guests are required to present photo identification before each visit. In order to enter and access any part of the facility, guests must complete all requested documentation, present photo identification, pay appropriate guest fees and adhere to all UNC Wellness Center policies. Members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.