We’ll Get You Started

To help get you started on the right foot, all members joining under one of the Standard Membership plans will be provided with a complimentary Personal training consultation, Nutrition Evaluation, and Fitness Equipment Orientation/FitLinxx Orientation. These benefits are often most useful when completed during the first month of your membership, but each member can determine when these assessments and orientations will be most productive as there is no expiration date on these benefits.

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Personal Training Consultation

This 30-minute consultation is led by a certified Personal Trainer. The Trainer will discuss with the new member what they are currently doing for fitness, their pertinent medical history that could affect their exercise plan, and their fitness goals. The Trainer will provide recommendations of what the member can do to get a healthy start on their goals at UNC Wellness Centers. This consultation can be done in person or by phone.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the front desk at either facility:

Meadowmont: 919-966-5500
Northwest Cary: 919-957-5900

Nutrition Assessment

The Nutrition Assessment is led by a Registered Dietitian and lasts approximately thirty minutes. The dietitian will collect basic information about the member’s current nutritional habits and goals, and will make a brief assessment. The member will receive personalized nutritional pointers, plus information about relevant nutritional services offered at UNC Wellness Centers.

Email Elizabeth.Watt@unchealth.unc.edu to schedule.

Fitness Floor and Fitlinxx Orientations

Fitness Floor Orientation will cover getting started with a few select cardio and strength machines. In addition, we will walk through the lower and upper levels to familiarize members with stretching areas, availability of small equipment (i.e., bands, dumbbells, etc.), track guidelines, and cleaning/disinfection responsibilities (member and staff).

FitLinxx Orientation is specifically for learning the FitLinxx fitness tracking system. We will get you set up with your personal ID to log into the system. FitLinxx automatically records workout data from most of our cardio machines as well as the LifeFitness strength circuit. The Wellness Center Attendant will also explain how to use the training partner device attached to the LifeFitness strength equipment. The training partner will track weights, repetitions, and tempo of the exercises.

These 30-minute orientations will be by appointment only and can be scheduled at the Fitness Desk with one of our Wellness Center Attendants.