We’ll Get You Started

To help get you started on the right foot, all members joining under one of the Standard Membership plans will be provided with a complimentary Health Evaluation, Nutrition Evaluation, and Fitness Equipment Orientation. These benefits are often most useful when completed during the first month of your membership, but each member can determine when these assessments and orientation will be most productive as there is no expiration date on these benefits.

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Health Evaluation

The purpose of the Health Evaluation is to assess the member’s current fitness status. We measure resting heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, body composition, and aerobic fitness.  All of these tests are optional, so members can perform all or just a few. Testing is typically completed in about 30 minutes.

To obtain the best measurements, members should not consume alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine for 4 to 6 hours prior to testing. Additionally, members should not exercise prior to the Health Evaluation and should avoid the use of medicines containing pseudoephedrine or over-the-counter products that contain ephedrine (unless otherwise directed by your health care provider). Members should also dress in comfortable workout clothing and athletic shoes.

If you take any medications, please take them as normal on the day of your test. You may eat prior to testing, but eating a heavy meal prior to testing may make you feel uncomfortable; a small meal or snack is advised if you must eat immediately prior to testing.

Health evals are done on one Saturday each month between 8-12. Please contact the front desk to schedule an appointment.

Nutrition Assessment

The Nutrition Assessment is led by a Registered Dietitian and lasts approximately thirty minutes. The dietitian will collect basic information about the member’s current nutritional habits and goals, and will make a brief assessment. The member will receive personalized nutritional pointers, plus information about relevant nutritional services offered at UNC Wellness Centers.

Appointments are scheduled at the Front Desk where you can view available appointment days and times.

Equipment Orientation

All members, including Student and One-Month members, should go through an Equipment Orientation. This one-on-one orientation is led by a Fitness Instructor and lasts approximately one hour. Members will learn about the various strength and cardiovascular equipment and its use with the FitLinxx Network System. Although the Equipment Orientation is not a Personal Training session, it is an overview and opportunity to learn about the UNC Wellness Centers’ fitness spaces and equipment. We strongly encourage all members to participate in the orientation.

A Fitness Instructor can assist you with scheduling your Equipment Orientation at the Fitness Desk or by calling the Front Desk.