What is ActiveLinxx? 

ActiveLinxx is a computerized training assistant that can be used by all of our members at no cost.

No Pencil and Paper Needed

ActiveLinxx will record everything for you. A very small ActiveLinxx computer is attached to various pieces of fitness equipment. During a strength training workout, this ActiveLinxx computer captures information, including the amount of weight you lift, the pace at which you complete each repetition, the number of repetitions you complete, the number of sets you complete, and the range of motion of your exercise. In addition, the computer system can collect data from your cardiovascular workout including the amount of time you exercise, the calories expended in your workout, and the type of workout you completed.

Extensive Options to Record Data

UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont currently has 52 cardiovascular machines and 20 strength training machines directly wired to the ActiveLinxx system. The UNC Wellness Center at Northwest Cary will have a similar scope and setup. In addition, you can manually log exercise using ANY strength or cardio machine in the building, as well as log activities outside of the Wellness Centers that do not include machines like hiking, sailing, climbing, yoga, aqua aerobics, and much more.

Interactive Coaching

While you are performing your exercise on a ActiveLinxx-powered machine, the training computer coaches you throughout your workout or throughout your set. The attached computer screen will display your speed and range of motion as you are performing the exercise. This interactive coaching and immediate feedback helps increase safety, proper form, and motivation. The data that is collected can be illustrated through graphs and summary sheets so that you can immediately see your progress in action.

Track Your Performance

ActiveLinxx allows each individual to see their entire workout history in the facility or online at home. Progress reports can also be emailed to you including your workout history and more. ActiveLinxx provides personalized programs and gives ongoing individual feedback and is a useful tool for everyone interested in knowing their health and wellness progress.

Earn Prizes!

UNC Wellness Centers offer a rewards program based on the amount of points an individual earns through ActiveLinxx. Click
here to view a breakdown of the ActivePoints Awards Levels.  Points are earned at a rate of 5 points per minute of cardio, 10 points per strength station and 1 point per 100 pounds lifted. Earn prizes such as water bottles, hats, shirts, massages and free months of membership!

How to Get Started

It’s simple! See a fitness instructor the next time you are in the facility and they will help you get your account activated.