Massage Therapy services at UNC Wellness Centers are currently available. We have implemented a plan to provide adequate physical distancing and preventive health practices to provide a safe environment for our patrons and co-workers. We are taking every measure to protect against the transmission of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Read our updates below on how we plan to help keep the centers a safe environment for our members and staff.

Massage Therapy

  • We will review the UNC Wellness Centers rules for receiving Massage Therapy
  • We will limit reservations to manage our massage therapy area occupancy to meet NC DHHS capacities
  • We will stagger appointments to ensure 6 feet physical distancing is achievable between sessions
  • We will close and/or limit our waiting areas to achieve physical distancing
  • We will conduct daily employee Wellness Checks with staff to ensure healthy work environments and reduce exposure
  • Massage therapists and clients will do the following:
    • Wash hands in the massage room before and after the massage session
    • Wear a mask during the session
  • Massage therapists will do the following:
    • Wear an apron and change after each client
    • Change all linens and disinfect the table, face cradle, bolsters and floor below the face cradle in between each massage
    • Follow a regular cleaning schedule utilizing disinfecting cleaners that meet EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19 to clean other high touch surfaces (door handles, faucets, etc.)
    • Wear a mask during the session