Guest Access

Guests are allowed to use the Wellness Centers ONLY when accompanied with an active member of the Wellness Centers during check-in at the front desk . Guests entering on their own will not be allowed to use the centers. If you are bringing a guest to the wellness center, please ensure they are aware of the current safety guidelines in place including the requirement to wear face coverings, maintaining appropriate physical distancing, required wellness check prior to entering (or completing the online wellness check) as well as other safety measures and guidelines at this time. Additionally, guests are required to present a photo ID at the front desk during each visit.

Due to the requirement of being a member in order to make reservations for lap lanes and group classes, guests will only be able to make a reservation while at the center once their contact information has been added to our database. Guest fees are $10 per daily pass. Members can redeem one of their complimentary Dividend Guest Passes if they have remaining passes on their account.