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Coffee with the Coach

Coffee with the Coach

The virtual monthly session, led by a Certified Health and Well-being Coach, will energize you with positive momentum, educate you with a “topic of the month”, and engage you in the next step of your well-being journey.

Upcoming Schedule

Topic: Vision 2023, the first 30 days
February 15, 2:00 – 2:45 pm via Webex
This month Coach Julie will guide you through a check-in of your New Year visions/intentions to see what’s going well, what challenges have come up, and help you determine a path forward. Click here to register.

Past Session Topics

Coffee with the Coach sessions are not recorded to maintain the privacy of participants. Email Julie.McNamara@unchealth.unc.edu for a session summary of any of the topics listed.

2022 Sessions

  • 1/18/23: Vision 2023
  • 12/14/22: Presence
  • 11/16/22: Energized toward your “Best Possible Self”
  • 10/19/22: Vision and Plan for a Positive Future
  • 9/7/22: The Sunny Side – Learning Optimism

  • 6/1/22: It’s a FUNtervention

  • 5/4/22: Where do we go from here? Exploring post-pandemic emotions

  • 4/6/22: Perfectionism

  • 3/2/22:Revenge Bedtime Procrastination

  • 2/9/22: Breaking Bad Habits

  • 1/5/22: Creating Lasting Habits

2021 Sessions

  • 12/1/21: Presence 

  • 11/3/21: Living Your Values (Prioritizing your life)

  • 10/6/21: How to Thrive (in the midst of chaos)

  • 9/1/21: Boundaries: why they are important and how to set them

  • 7/7/21: Enneagram and Lifestyle

  • 6/2/21: Undermining Obstacles to a Healthy Weight*

  • 5/5/21: Exploring Exercise Motivation and Fitness Personality

  • 4/7/21: Willpower Up!

  • 3/3/21: Signature Strengths