UNC Health Care Connection

UNC Wellness Centers are owned and operated by UNC Health Care. This relationship is significant and impacts everything we do. Like every other department of the UNC Health Care System, our goals, regulations, financial resources, and policies are closely integrated with and influenced by those of the entire UNC Health Care System. In order to better understand our mission, policies, resources, and limitations, it is important to understand how integral this relationship is to our existence and success.

One of the core principles we share with the UNC Health Care System is the respect for the privacy of our members, or patients, as specifically outlined in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). All of our members are also our “patients”, although fortunately many of our patients are involved in preventative health care activities. Regardless, we are obligated to treat our members as we would treat any other patient in the UNC Health Care System, assuring appropriate confidentiality of Protected Health Information (PHI). Outside of specific circumstances that demand limited sharing of member PHI, this information is kept confidential. During the enrollment process, every member is provided with access to the Notice of Privacy Practices brochure that describes this in detail.