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Cold Stone Therapy – An option for your massage therapy session 

Many of us are fans of hot stone therapy which is a way of adding heat to the body using warmed basalt stones. Massage therapists hold warmed stones in the palms of their hands while massaging. This application of heat bathes the connective tissue and underlying musculature in warmth. Heat eases anxiety and tension, is relaxing, and softens the connective tissue. This level of heat also affects deeper musculature without the added pressure. 

In contrast, cold stones act like ice therapy, though a little different from just the static placement of ice on the injury. In this case, the therapist glides the stones across the skin’s surface which provides a cooling sensation. The cold constricts the blood vessels reducing blood flow in the area treated. It is beneficial for those experiencing inflammation and hastens recovery time from physical exertion. It is popular with runners, people going through physical therapy, and migraine sufferers.  

The application of cold and heat works well for many people, but there are precautions and contraindications. It is best to discuss your health history with your therapist before including stones in your treatment plan.  

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