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March Madness Fitness Challenge: March 13-April 9

Don’t just sit and watch March Madness this year. Get involved in a little exercise fun! This month, it all comes down to your favorite exercise. Use our Exercise Bracket sheet to perform two exercises at a time and write your favorite on the chart. You will have one week to complete each “round” of exercises. After completing each round, choose which exercise will move on to the next round. You might choose your favorite exercise, or maybe the exercise you “need” to do most! As the number of exercises decreases, the number of sets and duration of each round will increase. We have paired up exercises that work your upper body, lower body, core, and cardio. Add them to your daily routine or just focus on the brackets all month for a full-body workout. When you make it to the end, turn in your completed bracket to the fitness desk by April 12th to be entered in a drawing for prizes! Who’s game?! Share your favorite exercise with us on your social channels! Share @uncwellness #uncwellnessmarchmadness