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Healthy “Snacks” –  (not what you think!)

Many of you have heard that prolonged sitting is detrimental to health. We’ve even gone as far as saying “sitting is the new smoking”.  A compelling (albeit small) new study has a great strategy: movement/activity “snacks”!

Researchers at the University of Toronto assigned 12 men and women to sit for three sessions of seven-and-a-half hours each. They also asked the participants to interrupt the sitting every 30 minutes with two-minute bouts of walking or performing 15 body-weight squats — so-called activity “snacks.” After analyzing the volunteers’ blood samples and muscle biopsies the investigators found that these quick bursts of activity helped improve the efficiency of dietary amino acids to repair or replace old or damaged muscle proteins. Over time, this could help maintain muscle mass.

Another reason to MOVE! (especially with the holidays approaching).

Source:  journals.physiology.org/doi/full/10.1152/japplphysiol.00106.2022