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It’s Fall! That means Pumpkin Everything, Right?

Pumpkins are loaded with immune-boosting, cancer-preventing nutrients. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can help to lower your risk for some types of cancers. It is also beneficial in improving eye health. Vitamin C, iron, and folate are all necessary to keep your immune system running strong.

When deciding whether to use canned or fresh pumpkin for your pumpkin puree, here are some things to note. There are different types of pumpkins and each provides a different water and sugar content, playing into the overall texture and flavor. When making pumpkin pie for example, generally the smaller, more dense pumpkins will produce a better result than the large jack-o-lantern-looking pumpkins that are great for carving. If you choose to make pumpkin puree from scratch, you can count on the texture being a bit more squash-like and slightly less flavorful. Every pumpkin is different so it may be difficult to achieve consistent results. That being said, if baking a pumpkin pie from scratch is a festive feat you’ve always wanted to try, who’s to stop you!?

Canned pumpkin on the other hand is going to give you the same, consistent results every time. It’s likely to give you a deeper orange pie and a more pronounced pumpkin flavor. The texture turns out to be a bit creamier, with no added cream or sugar added. It requires much less time and effort in the kitchen and is likely a tastier pie with all the same ingredients. Whether you choose to use fresh or canned, the nutrients are the same.

If you want to learn more about pumpkins and how to incorporate them into your diet this holiday season, reach out to Registered Dietitian Liz Watt to learn more! Try her favorite pumpkin chili recipe on a cool, fall evening to warm you up. Click here for Liz’s favorite Pumpkin Chili!