Walk 10k/Move150 is Back! May 10-16

Wednesday April 28, 2021

May 10-16 is National Medical Fitness Week. Join the fun by participating in the WALK10k or Move150 Challenge and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle!


  • Pick up your Walk10k log sheet or Move150 card at the Fitness Desk or follow the links below.
  • At the end of each day, enter your total daily steps on your Walk10k log sheet or complete a row/column of activities on your Move150 card and write in the date completed.
  • Continue to log your steps/moves starting May 10th through Sunday, May 16th. Exercises do not have to be completed in order, as long as the rows/columns are complete at the end of the week
  • Submit your completed Walk10k or Move150 card to the fitness desk by Thursday, May 21st, 2021, or email a copy/picture to Meghan.kocon@unchealth.unc.edu

Click here for the Walk 10k tracking card. Click here for the Move 150 tracking adult card. Click here for the Move 150 youth card.