Virtual Training Member Review

For the past several months I have been training virtually with Ms. Karla Dierks at UNC Wellness.  Because of the cancer treatments I have been receiving, it was extremely important to keep up my strength and aerobic capacity to counteract some of the side-effects of the medication.  Because of these treatments and the fact that I’m over 65 years old, going to the gym was not feasible. 

Virtual training was just what I needed to stay motivated.  Karla is an excellent trainer who is both creative and flexible, qualities that really enhance the virtual training experience.  No equipment, no problem – Karla finds ways to work around what is available in clients’ homes.  On one occasion, I was traveling, and I was still able to have a virtual workout, despite limited space and spotty Wi-Fi.  Karla is also sensitive to clients’ individual needs.  In my case, I am a runner and a college teacher.  The former involves physical stresses; the latter involves mental stresses as well as the aches and pains that come from staring at a computer for hours.  She also quickly responds to e-mail questions about how the training is going. 

While I can only write about one personal trainer at UNC Wellness, if Karla is representative of the quality of personnel in general, I have no problem recommending virtual training to anyone concerned about COVID-19 and physically going to the gym.  Virtual sessions do work, and they work well. 

Peter H.