Get Your Hustle On! Nov 23rd-Jan 1st

Wednesday November 11, 2020

This 6-week incentive program is designed to get members to think about different components of wellness (physical, emotional, social). From thinking about their exercise and food habits to spreading the holiday cheer and warmth. Members will have until Jan 1st to complete as many activities as possible and as many as they want per day. This program is an honor-based incentive.

Sign up begins on November 16th

Hustle Cards can be picked up on the Fitness Floor or received through email by registering here:

Track your activities November 23rd –  January 1st

Completed cards should be turned in by January 11th to be eligible for prizes. Cards can be turned in at the fitness desk or submitted here.

Adult Prizes:
25 boxes: Water Bottle
Full card: Water Bottle, UNC Wellness Bag, and Raffle Entry
Raffle drawings: One 60-minute Personal Training Session or One 60-minute Massage

Youth Prizes:
20-29 stamps = hackie sack
30-35 stamps = t-shirt
36 stamps (blackout card) will be entered in a raffle for the grand prize!

This challenge is not designed as a competition, but rather a motivational program to help you to stay healthy during the holiday season. All results are confidential and will not be shared.