How To Easter or Passover While in Quarantine

Tuesday April 7, 2020

We are all so wrapped up in the ever-changing news about COVID-19 that some of us may have forgotten that Passover starts Wednesday and this Sunday is Easter! This year, your typical holiday traditions may look a little different. Easter Sunday church service might be attended through Zoom. Easter egg hunts will happen at your own house instead of in community spaces. But the one thing we can still keep traditional this year is your holiday meal. While your meal may be a bit smaller than your celebrations of year’s past but you can still make it enjoyable. I approach my Easter dinner as spring’s rite of passage. Spring veggies are popping up in our gardens, folks are firing up their grills, weather is getting warmer and food in general just seems lighter.

While you may have your own favorites when it comes to your holiday meal, you may want to try out a new recipe. Why not? It’s not like we can go anywhere anyway. Use the extra time to experiment in the kitchen. Here are some tips to create a celebration that will allow you to feel some small sense of normalcy.

Vegetables: GREEN! Spring veggies are in season right now! Think asparagus, snow peas, spinach and Swiss chard.

Protein: You can still go with the traditional Easter ham but why not change it up? Ever wanted to try to roast a leg of lamb? Now’s a great time to try it out. Or how about a pork roast? And what do you plan to do with all those hard-boiled eggs? It’s not Easter without some deviled eggs.

Starch: You really can’t go wrong with potatoes. Any kind will do but this is the season for new potatoes but really any potatoes will do the job.

Check out some of my favorite recipes:

Have a healthy, happy Easter and Passover!