Important Information to Know Before Registering For Group Swim Lessons

Friday August 23, 2019

Group swim registration for the session beginning September 9 will open Saturday, August 31 at 8 am.  Only Members with their children listed on their accounts will be able to register. Please note, all group swim lessons will be held at our Northwest Cary facility.

Members must register online through the Online Services Login found on the upper right hand side of the website under Member Login.
Payment will be required at time of registration; you will have the option to enter credit card information at that time.

Be sure to register the participant for the correct level.  Please make sure the age of the participant matches the age level of the class. (Make sure your child’s name is being registered, not your name.)

A confirmation email will typically be sent within 10-15 minutes, but may be delayed due to the high volume of participants registering simultaneously.  Please make note of the class(es) you are registering for.  You can verify that you have been registered by checking to see if your method of payment has been accepted through your payment institution.  Please allow 24 hours before calling the facility to verify registration.

Spaces are limited for our September session.  The September session runs from 9/9-10/3 with make ups the week of 10/7.  Registration for our October session will begin the week of October 7th.