Weekly Fitness Challenge Phase 1

Thursday January 4, 2018

This 6 week challenge is about pushing yourself and testing your own limits. The initial 6 week phase is about posting your best possible time for each of the weeks challenges. The second 6 week phase (coming later) will repeat those same 6 challenges and allow you to improve on your times.

Post your time at the fitness desk to be eligible for prizes, and if you want to brag post it on the white board located in the Functional Fitness area.


Week 1: Wall Sit for Time

Week 2: Swim 300 yards OR row 5000 meters

Week 3: Secret Circuit #1 (will be revealed that week)

Week 4: Plank for Time

Week 5: 1 lap of walking lunges around the track

Week 6: Secret Circuit #2 (will be revealed that week)

Participants have the entire week to train, or attempt each challenge multiple times. Only the best time will be recorded. A log is kept to compare times from phase 1 to phase 2. For more information contact a Fitness Floor Team member or the Fitness Director, Dustin at 984-974-2571.  Monday, January 22-Sunday, March 4.