Aquatics Area

The aquatics area consists of a 7 lane, 25-yard indoor heated pool, a whirlpool, and sauna. The main pool includes a deep end which allows us to increase the type of group fitness programming we can offer. Lap lanes will always be available to the membership. The aquatics area will be open during regular facility hours. However, the area will close 15 minutes prior to the facility closing to allow users time to shower, change, and exit the building before the facility closes. The main pool’s temperature will be maintained at around 83 degrees and the air temperature between 83 and 86 degrees. Lifeguards are always on duty.

Swim Lessons

Infant, children, adult, private, semi-private and group swim lessons will be available throughout the year in the aquatics area. Due to the demand of swim lessons from our members, we will not be registering non-members for our swim lesson classes at this time.  In the future, we will continue to evaluate and balance the demand from our membership, staffing and pool space to determine the availability of the swim lesson program to non-members.  For more information on swim lessons, click on the Swim Lessons Schedule and Swim lessons Guide to the right or contact Matt Stout at

Summer Swim Lessons & Registration

Swim Lessons Registration Extended.  We are happy to announce that swim lesson registration has been extended throughout the summer.  The deadline for each session will be the Friday before the session begins.  Remember, you may still register for more than one session at a time.  Please sign up as early as possible to reserve your spot!  All registrations for summer sessions will be done in person.  Please fill out this Summer Registration Form and return to the front desk.

Summer Swim Lessons will be 4 days per week (Monday-Thursday). There is a 1-week break in between Sessions #3 and #4.

  • Summer Session #1: June 9 – June 12
  • Summer Session #2: June 16 – June 19
  • Summer Session #3: June 23 – June 26
  • Summer Session #4: July 7 – July 10
  • Summer Session #5: July 14 – July 17
  • Summer Session #6: July 21 – July 24
  • Summer Session #7: July 28 – July 31
  • Summer Session #8: August 4 – August 7
  • Summer Session #9: August 11 – August 14

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide make-up lessons.

If there is a weather event, such as a thunderstorm, or an unforeseeable incident which closes the pool, we will issue a “Class Credit”.

You may register for as many weekly sessions of summer swim lessons that you would like. At the time of registration, your member account will be charged for the number of weekly sessions you registered for.

If you desire to cancel your registration, you must do so in person at the Wellness Center. Full refunds will be given if you cancel at least 7 days in advance of the start of your session. If you cancel within 1-6 days of your session start date, you will be issued a “Session Credit” in lieu of a refund. If you cancel on or after the start of your session, you will not receive any financial restitution.

Classes offered each week:

10:10-10:40am:  Parent-Tot

10:45-11:15am:  Beginner 101

1:10-1:40pm:  Swim Strokes 201, Swim Strokes 202

1:50-2:20pm:  Beginner 101, Advanced Swim Strokes 302

4:00-4:30pm:  Beginner 101, Beginner 102, Swim Strokes 201

4:40-5:10pm:  Beginner 101, Swim Strokes 202, Advanced Swim Strokes 302

5:20-5:50pm:  Beginner 101, Swim Strokes 202, Lifesaving Strokes 402/403

6:00-6:30pm: Beginner 102

6:00-6:45pm:  Teens & Adults (all levels)

Cost of the classes?

Swim lesson classes that end with “1” = $42 member

Swim lesson classes that end with “2” or “3” = $38 member

Teen & Adult classes = $45 member

Parent-Tot classes = $42 member

Group Fitness

Group fitness aquatics classes will be a part of the programming included in your membership. Classes will be offered in the main pool and will range from beginner to advanced, shallow and deep water classes. Some of the classes will include: Advanced Deep Water, Aqua 101, Aqua fit and tone, Aquatic Boot camp, Aqua tots, Gentle Aqua, H2O Running, and Performance Swim Training.

Aquatics Area General Guidelines

  • Children under 8 using the pool must be accompanied at all times by an adult in the water. Children between 8 and 12 must have an adult present on the pool deck.
  • Please shower before entering any of the pools.
  • Please refrain from using the pool if you have an open wound or contagious skin condition.
  • Children who are not yet toilet-trained are required to wear swim diapers in the pool.
  • For your safety and well-being, sandals or aqua socks are recommended in this area. Always use care when on a wet surface as it may be slippery.
  • Three lanes are regularly reserved for lap swimmers. Lap swimming lanes are only reduced when special events or programs require more space.

Whirpool Guidelines

  • Children under the age of 13 are not permitted in the sauna or whirlpool.
  • We recommend cooling down before using the sauna or whirlpool.
  • Entering the sauna or whirlpool immediately after exercise may deplete your energy rapidly.
  • Please limit your time in the sauna or whirlpool to less than ten minutes.
  • People with high blood pressure should consult a physician before using the sauna or whirlpool.

Lap Swimming Guidelines

  • Lap lanes are first-come, first-served. However, during peak usage it may become necessary for you to share a lane with other swimmers.
  • When approaching to share a lane, please courteously notify those already occupying the lane.
  • When sharing a lane (two people), each person may choose a side of the lane. Please stay on your side of the lane at all times to avoid a collision.
  • When three or more people share a lane, it is necessary to circle swim.
  • When joining a lane for circle swimming, assess the speed of the other swimmers and select the lane that is most appropriate for your pace. Then courteously notify the swimmers in that lane that you would like to join them.
  • Keep to the right at all times.
  • If there is a workout set in progress, a swimmer may enter that lane only as part of the set.
  • Swimming within a lane is by agreement of the majority. Swimmers should arrange themselves in speed order, fastest to slowest.
  • Always be aware of what is going on in your lane. If a swimmer behind you looks as though he/she may pass you, stop and wait in the corner for the swimmer to pass.
  • Push off underwater to avoid making waves for other swimmers.