Cardio vs Strength: Which is the best exercise?

Monday May 4, 2015

When considering weight loss, fitness and toning there is always a debate about which form of exercise is the best…..cardio or strength training!! The short answer is a mixture of both is extremely efficient.  A combination of short burst cardiovascular exercises such as sprinting, swimming and biking along with resistance training that targets specific muscle groups is proven to cut fat and improve your figure as long as you are conscious of your diet.  Doing both strength training and cardio exercise together helps to increase the metabolism making your effort far more beneficial than just doing cardio one day and strength training the next.

Odds are, the weaker you are, the more fat you are carrying.  Lifting heavier weights will require a higher calorie burn therefore making weight loss and strength occur at the same time.  Women shouldn’t be scared of weights; they won’t make you bulky, only beautiful!  Men burn more calories when lifting heavy weights than just doing prolonged cardio.  The fact is, the body has to work harder during strength training than it does just doing moderately paced cardio.  So finding a happy mix between the two along with healthy eating will put you on the right track!!