De-Stress and Relax at Home

Monday April 27, 2015

Massage is a fundamental form of therapy that has been used for thousands of years and is recognized as a technique for increasing relaxation and decreasing stress. The recipient feels comforted, cared for and experiences an overall sense of well-being that lasts long after the massage. So why not play some romantic music, turn off the phone for fifteen minutes, and experience these benefits at home!

First, sit on your bed or on the floor with your back supported against a wall.  You may want to place a pillow behind your lower back.  Place a pillow on your lap, and have your partner lie on their back with their head and shoulders on the pillow in a supine (face up) position. Their head should be about six inches from your abdomen. Before you begin, take a deep breath while shaking out your arms from your shoulders down to your fingertips.  Place your right hand on their forehead with your fingers towards your left.  Stroke their forehead towards your stomach with your right hand and then add your left hand alternating in a sl—o—o—o—w, rhythmic manner. Make certain that your hands are relaxed and that you are making contact with both your palms and fingers. Continue for a few minutes before smoothly transitioning to the next movement.

Without breaking contact, glide your palms, fingers and then fingertips across their head resting on the temples. Place your fingers on different points on the temples and while maintaining contact, begin slow circles. Vary your pressure and every 20 seconds or so, reposition your fingers.  End with soft, sl—o—o—o—w, gliding circles and strokes on the temples and forehead. You’re on your way to being a pro!

For more information on couples massage instruction,   please see your massage therapist or call the front desk at (919) 957-5900.

Written by: Michelle Taylor, LMBT #6648