Are You Comfortably Pregnant?

Monday January 19, 2015

Well-being during pregnancy can be challenging! Can you be pregnant & comfortable?

Pampering Your Pregnancy may sound like a luxury!

But improved sleep and being more comfortable while pregnant can make a dramatic difference in those 9 months. Massage can be an important tool in helping you feel better throughout your pregnancy.

In fact, massage is the most under-rated method for helping women during pregnancy.  Its effectiveness in reducing stress and muscle tension and alleviating pain and fatigue is well-known and is due, in large part, to increasing circulation throughout the entire body. When a woman’s body is in the process of creating a baby, both she and the baby benefit by receiving skillful touch from a practitioner trained in pre-natal or pregnancy massage. It is specifically designed to address the common complaints of pregnancy, from lower back pain to aching hips, headaches to swelling in the legs.  You are nurtured, strengthened, and have the opportunity to experience deep relaxation in an environment free of the stresses and cares of everyday life.

So, are you Comfortably Pregnant? Fortunately, pregnancy massage can make that difference and leave you feeling great!

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