The Burden of Waiting on Health

Monday December 22, 2014

Did you know the average commuter spends 38 hours per year waiting at stop lights? We waste nearly 6 months of our lives waiting in lines. Waiting for a machine on the fitness floor only adds to the frustration. It seems ironic to wait to improve health, but what if we didn’t have to wait at all? We all hate waiting for the patron on the chest press looking at their phone to notice as we calmly and quietly wait for our turn on the equipment. Inevitably, they look up just in time to start their next set. Claiming the machine without realizing it is very common. We all take rest breaks and rightfully so. Fittingly however, rest breaks should be between 1-3 minutes which just so happens to be similar to the length of time a typical set takes to complete. That is more than enough time for another individual to complete their set while you rest and conversely, they rest while you finish your next set. If another member is waiting patiently or pacing around that area, throw out a helpful hand and ask if they want to get a quick set in while you rest. If trying to ‘work in’ with another member, it is ok to politely tap them on the shoulder and ask if they wouldn’t mind you working in or completing a quick set before they begin their next set. Suggest alternating sets so you both can work and rest concurrently. The more we work together the happier and healthier we’ll be.