Active Every Day, Without “Working Out”

Monday December 15, 2014

For many people who are regular exercisers, working out is something that has become part of their normal routine. There are certain days and times within each week that are specifically devoted to lifting weights, attending a yoga class, or going on a distance run, etc… However, I want to talk about the days of the week where there is no planned exercise.

I do a total body weight lifting routine 3 days per week, with a rest day between each workout. On my rest days I still aim to be active in some way, but not necessarily what one would think of as a traditional workout. A favorite of mine is going for a nice long walk, preferably outside, followed by some stretching and foam rolling. Playing is another great way to be active. Go out in the yard and run around with the kids, or grab some friends and toss around a Frisbee, football or break out the baseball and glove. The point is, find something fun that you enjoy doing. On these days don’t think about the intensity or structure of the activity, rather just try to enjoy the moment and what you’re doing.

Of course, getting enough adequate rest between workouts is crucial for recovery. If you’re in the midst of heavy training for a specific event, be judicious with how you spend your time on rest days and don’t get carried away and turn your play into another workout session.

I believe this philosophy is a great way to still incorporate activity on your rest days, and maybe you’ll rediscover an old sport or activity that you love!

Written by: Daniel Tysinger, MA, CPT