The Power of Positivity

Monday November 24, 2014

During our journey as human beings, we are all influenced in one way or another by the ups and downs of life.  The flow of the day is not guaranteed to be an easy one, nor is it promised to be sunshine and rainbows.  However, even if you are not born with a naturally optimistic attitude, here are some steps you can take to reframe the way you think from negative to positive.  To see that regardless of the challenges, there is always a brighter side to every situation.  Being more positive will impact your life not only psychologically, but is shown to have physical benefits as well.

Identifying your first thought:  Learning to focus on the flow of your mind is the first step in finding the positive.  Some people are better at introspection than others and if that is a weak point for you, an option is to nurture your thoughts in a way that they develop into strengths.  For example, when a struggle presents itself, what are your immediate thoughts and reactions?  Becoming mindful of these instant emotional reactions and thoughts will help you develop an awareness of yourself that you might never have known before.  By identifying the first thought it will be easier to overcome the negative ones as they come.  Over time, this will break a habit and create a new, more positive, one by replacing the negative with the more optimistic thinking.

Redirect the thought process: Once you recognize the immediate thought, the next step is choosing how you want to react.  It all comes down to choice.  You can either choose to react negatively, or choose to react positively.  By doing so, we give ourselves the option of putting the situation in perspective and changing the way we think about it, which then changes the way we feel.  Allowing yourself the room to become mindful of any given situation gives you the ultimate power of your thought process, taking you one step closer to becoming a more positive thinker and enjoying a more satisfying life.

Your new positive mindset:  Third, and most important, is releasing things that are out of your control.  By doing this, you release yourself of the blame game.  Self-blame, self-pity, self-hatred and negative self-talk are all things that will keep your confidence and self-esteem from benefitting from your new positive outlook.  Instead of dwelling on the negative, continue to feed your thoughts with positive affirmations, positive self-talk, self-love, and activities to nourish the mind, body and spirit.  This will keep a flow of inner peace inside your thought process, physical body and mental/emotional state.   Having a more positive mindset does not mean disregarding the struggles we face in order to find our happiness.  It simply means taking a different approach to managing challenges by making the conscious decision in choosing to see the positive side to every situation.  Rather than allowing hopelessness to rule your thoughts or dwelling on the negativity, you can better handle life’s challenges by having more positive ways to treat each negative thought or situation.

Written by: Sam Malfitano, CPT