Keep Moving!

Monday June 9, 2014

If you participated in the walking challenge, I encourage you to continue using your pedometer, Pebble, FitBit or other monitoring device to track your daily activity. And if you didn’t….it’s too late for the contest, but not too late for your health and well-being!!!

Here‘s what I learned during the challenge:

  • Cooking dinner ~500+ steps

Not a lot of steps but definitely more than I would have guessed. Also, more movement than going through the drive-thru, and meal is likely to be much healthier.

  • Dancing with the kids ~2,500  steps

Quality time with the family, lots of laughing and got to learn some new dance moves that I will most likely embarrass them with at their weddings!

  • Strolling in the outfield during my son’s baseball practice ~3000 steps

Still could watch him play and felt more energetic than when I sit and watch for an hour.

  • Stroll around the block after dinner ~1000 steps

Knowing we were going for a walk, we ate dinner and headed out. It eliminated that end of the meal nibbling that adds a few extra calories.

In our society we sit way more than we are aware and way more than we should. I’m guilty of this at times as well. But if we make the effort to incorporate activity into our day, a little bit here and there can make a big difference overall. Keep moving everyone!

By: Neva Avery, MS, CSCS,  ACSM RCEP and CPT