The Importance of Soft-Tissue work

Monday May 5, 2014

 By: Daniel Fleisher, CPT, LMBT             

Soft Tissue work is imperative to anyone that has to get up and move every single day. It is even more important for those that go to the gym, are athletes, or go for a run at the park.

Soft Tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia, and muscles) work focuses in on the knots or adhesions that occur within your muscles. If your muscles cannot move correctly then they cannot ACT correctly either.  Whether it be foam rolling, massage, or a more complex form of soft tissue work like Active Release Technique(ART), getting work done is essential to keeping you injury free and keeping you moving correctly.

When you start feeling the literal pains in the neck (upper traps), your knee starts bothering you, you have a pinching feeling when you raise your shoulder, or your legs feel “tight” then that’s where soft tissue work can be your best friend.  Most times it is a soft tissue related issue causing these things can be “released” without having to have go to the doctor or worse, having surgery.  Just doing some simple exercises on a foam roller, tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or by a licensed practitioner will keep out from under the knife and back in the gym.

Doing 10-15 minutes of rolling before each workout can pay massive dividends to keeping your body healthy. Follow each training session with some light stretching (I prefer Active Isolated Stretching) for about 5-10 minutes and your muscles will stay healthy and happy.