What to expect from a Massage

Monday April 7, 2014

Written by: Leslie Roach, Massage Therapist

Never had a massage before? Wondering what to expect or how to prepare?

Here are some brief tips of what to expect and maybe helpful to know!

  1. ALWAYS feel free to speak up about what you need and ask questions. This applies to types of pressure, areas of the body that you may or may not want more focused work, clothes you may or may not want to remove and if there are certain comfort boundaries around draping (only the area of the body being worked on will be uncovered by a sheet and the rest of you will be comfortably covered!)
  2.  Be sure to tell your therapist about any previous medical issues and/or concerns about receiving massage work.
  3.  After the initial introduction and health history; the therapist will outline a proposed treatment, which will summarize the intention of your session and then leave the room so you can undress to your comfort level.
  4.  The therapist may play music, but be sure to tell your therapist if you would prefer a different type of music or if you would like quiet. Typically, you can also bring your own music to play during the session.
  5. Remember to breathe, as this helps you relax. Sometimes people hold their breath when a sensitive area is massaged, but it is best to breathe through it.
  6. In the same way, tightening your muscles during the massage is counterproductive. If you can’t seem to relax your muscles, let your massage therapist know. They may need to adjust the massage technique.
  7. It is a great idea to come to the massage clean. The oils used on your body are great for moisturizing your skin and if you are clean before the session it will benefit you not to have to shower right after. Another thing to keep in mind… we touch most of your body and generally end at the head and face, so being clean is a plus!
  8. If you are able, use the rest of the day to allow the ease of the massage to sink in. Allow yourself to notice and take in how good and relaxed you feel!
  9. Massage is not a one-time fix… the more consistent you are, the more benefit you will have. Just like working out, you cannot do it once a year and expect to be in shape