New Ligament in the Knee!

Monday March 10, 2014

Written by: Susan Kroll, MS, PT

We expect technological advances in science, but who knew we could still find new anatomical structures in our bodies?  Researchers have discovered a new ligament called the Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) which may be the answer to instability after an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair.  Previously thought as an anomaly or piece of a different anatomical structure like the IT Band or Lateral meniscus, the ALL has been shown to be a distinct, functional structure.  This research shows that the ALL is involved in serious ACL injuries.  The ligament is thought to prevent the pivot shift rotation of the tibia which is essential in sports requiring foot planting with direction change like soccer and football.  Now surgeons will begin to look at surgical repair techniques of the ALL to improve knee stability outcomes for function and sports performance.  For all the other science geeks out there, here’s to continuing to learn and discover!


Journal of Anatomy, Volume 223, Issue 4, Pages 321 – 328, October 2013