Beards can be good for you!

Monday March 3, 2014

By: Ryan Hipp

Recent studies have shown that beards may be good for men’s health, as a fuzzy face offers significant protection against sun damage and skin cancer.  Researchers found that the parts of the face covered by beards on average had a third less exposure to harmful UV rays compared with hair-free areas, based on a study from the University of Southern Queensland published in the journal Radiation Protection Dosimetry.

Studies have also shown that a beard may help prevent asthma attacks.  Hair around the nasal area may stop allergens going up the nose and being inhaled by the lungs says Carol Walker, hair medical expert and owner of Birmingham Trichology Centre.

Finally, having a beard helps slow down the aging process.  Over time, facial hair can help keep the skin young and in a good condition.  Facial hair helps stop water leaving the skin, keeping the face nice and moisturized, according to Dr.Nick Lowe, a leading London-based dermatologist.

The down side of beards? Scientific evidence shows that infections can be spread by beards, says Dr Ron Cutler, microbiologist at Queen Mary, University of London.  Fuzzy-faced men must wash and trim their facial hair regularly and make sure food particles are removed.  Also, be sure to choose a barber whose tools are properly cleaned to prevent spreading infection.