Fun Fitness Apps

Monday February 17, 2014

Written by: Anna Dill, CPT

In our technological world, we love our phones. A lot. They can do pretty much anything and everything. They take pictures, shoot video, play music, run games, and about a million other things.  But the most exciting development yet is how our phones are helping us get in shape. Sure, mobile apps allow us to fling exploding birds at green pigs, but they also help us run faster, get stronger, eat smarter, and connect with people around the globe.

Here are some of the top-rated fitness apps:

A great exercise routine can only do so much of the work — it’s also about what you put in your body that counts. MyFitnessPal is a straightforward, simple calorie counter that helps track food intake daily, setting caloric goals and factoring in exercise to give an accurate readout of how your diet shapes up every day.The app has a robust and fairly accurate pre-established database of foods — even broken down to brands and menu items at popular restaurants. Comprehensive and simple, MyFitnessPal is a great way to get an idea of what your diet looks like and how you can change it over time.

Runkeeper, easily one of the most popular fitness tools online today, can help you with all of it by using your smartphone’s GPS to gather helpful information about your daily run. You can also take advantage of Runkeeper’s dashboard to see how your runs improve over time, run with a specified program (like their popular 5k trainer), and allow friends to send you encouraging messages while you run.

FitRadio is a good option to cure bad music blues, offering a series of flowing mix playlists specifically designed to keep your heart rate up and in the groove. The app offers a selection based on genres, and plenty of different professional DJ mixes to ensure that your playlist options are varied. You can save your favorites and go back to them anytime.

Zombies, Run!
Zombies, Run! is an interactive running app that casts the user as Runner 5, an important equipment handler and gatherer for the upstart post-apocalyptic survivor town, Abel Township. As you run, zombies are hot on your tail, and the app will cut into your music to tell you that they’re gaining fast. You also “collect equipment” along the way to help service Abel Township and make it stronger against the oncoming hordes. There are 23 missions to play through, as well as a 20k mission challenge, so there’s plenty zombie goodness to keep you running for a while.

Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga is a very simple way to work around the constraints of practicing yoga by bringing full yoga workouts to your smartphone. Simply roll out your mat and follow along with the poses on your phone. For beginners, there’s a handy pose dictionary that describes each movement in detail, and there are plenty of advanced poses available for experts.