Couples Massage

Monday February 3, 2014

Written by: Michelle Taylor, LMBT #6648

Are you having pain in your back, neck, shoulders?  Headaches that won’t quit? Just trying to recover from long stressful days, wishing you could unwind, but needing a little help relaxing?

The unhealthy physical effects of unrelieved stress have been well documented—physical pains, high blood pressure, eyestrain, compromised  immune system, insomnia and depression to name a few. Also well documented are the benefits of a good therapeutic massage – stress reduction, tension relief, and improved circulation.

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Where’s a good massage therapist when you need one … at 11 pm?

Attend this Couple’s massage class, and the answer could be, “Right next to you!”

While not everyone can afford the time or expense of a professional massage whenever they need one, couples can learn to give each other some of the therapeutic benefits of a massage in a Couple’s Massage Class at the UNC Wellness Center at Northwest Cary on Tuesday, February 11 from 6:00-8:00 pm, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

In addition to its many physical benefits, massage is also a valuable form of non-verbal communication.  You will feel closer to your partner and connect on a different level.   Most people love to be massaged and feel special when they receive this individual attention.  And if you are feeling a little hesitant about receiving a massage from a stranger, you can receive one and learn how it feels from someone you already know and trust.

You will learn about muscles and how they behave, when to massage and when not to massage, and the proper sequence of massage strokes.  The treatment of common tension areas will be demonstrated and practiced.   The class will help you to recognize and release tension on your own before it becomes a problem. You will leave knowing how to give an effective relaxing massage until you can arrange an appointment with your therapist.  And you’ll have a lot of fun!

So, if you have ever wished you could have or give a massage at home, attend our Couple’s Massage.  For more information or to sign up, please see front desk staff or speak with a massage therapist.