Class Full?

Thursday January 2, 2014

New year, new resolutions! For many of us this means eating right and regularly exercising, which often translates into crowded classes and ultimately frustration if you can’t get into your favorite class.  January is most definitely a busy time of year for fitness centers, but instead of getting upset about the crowded facility, or leaving because you can’t get on your favorite piece of equipment. Try one of these ideas to ensure you get a workout in.

1. Avoid peak hours

Ok, this is probably an obvious tip, but ask yourself: Is it possible to switch around your schedule this month to accommodate working out at a different time of day? If you always exercise after work, what about an early-morning or lunchtime workout when the classes aren’t as crowded? The busiest time of the day for classes typically is 9-11 am during the week.

2. Have a backup plan.

If you love to take early morning cycle or mid-morning aqua bring gear other than just for the pool or the bike. Pack your headphones and your I pod so you are prepared to do something.

3. Try another class

We try to hold multiple classes at the same time so if one is full you have other options. If the 5:45 am cycle is full try the TRX class held at the same time.

4. Try a fitness clinic

You can sign up in advance and reserve a spot.