French Women Have Beautiful Skin. What’s Their Secret?

Monday December 23, 2013

French women value having beautiful skin and put a big emphasis on quality skin care products. It is rather obvious due to how many facial salons there are, not only in the big city of Paris, but also the small villages around the country. They have as many skin care salons as we in the United States have nail salons. Monthly facials are a regular part of a woman’s life in France. In the U.S., we are so busy with our lives that we don’t take the time to relax and care for ourselves with a nice pampering facial. Similarly with food, Americans are so busy and often view eating as something we have to do to sustain our energy (think “fast” food), but the French truly love food and take their time to enjoy it with their lunches and dinners often lasting 2-4 hours. The French know how to balance their lives and care for their skin and getting their regular monthly facials is something they are never too busy to do. Indeed, they find pleasure in the daily beauty rituals of taking care of themselves.

Prevention is the key to their beautiful skin. They know that how they care for their skin today paves the road for the future health of their skin. They are diligent about using their French skin care products, which are more “natural” using a lot of botanicals and essential oils. Not great admirers of using cosmetics to get gorgeous looking skin, they faithfully follow a rigorous but natural skin care routine which includes weekly exfoliation and regular facial massage! Good skin does not mean flawless. Great skin is healthy skin; skin that radiates from the inside out. Many American women wait until years later to get serious about their skin in hopes of erasing the skin sins of their past.

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