FREE Enrollment through March 31st!

Monday December 30, 2013

UNC Wellness Centers is offering new members a special promotion to help raise money for the UNC Wellness Centers Medical Fitness Scholarship Fund. The UNC Wellness Medical Fitness Scholarship (MFS) was established to help individuals facing financial and medical hardships to reap the benefits of exercise in a medical fitness setting. The MFS provides financial assistance to local citizens with demonstrated physical and financial need to participate in clinical and wellness programs at UNC Wellness Centers. For each new member that signs up during this promotion, we will donate $50 to the MFS. Our goal is to raise $30,000. 

Since its inception, over 100 individuals have received MFS awards. To date, the total value of these scholarships is approximately $100,000. UNC Wellness Centers are proud to serve the community through the Medical Fitness Scholarship. However, in the past three years, declining revenue from community events has been coupled with a marked increase in the number of applicants. The average cost of a scholarship is $900. At present, MFS funds are depleted and there are more than 15 applicants waiting to be considered for scholarships. By reaching our goal of $30,000, this membership drive/fundraiser will enable the MFS to support thirty or more individuals as they enjoy the benefits of exercise at UNC Wellness Centers. Tax-deductible contributions to the MFS are also welcome and for more information, please contact Betty Matteson at

This promotion will be good through March 31st for both the Meadowmont and the Northwest Cary locations.  This is a savings of $150 for an individual and an additional savings of $50 for each household member that is added to your membership. Full enrollment fees will be required once the promotion ends.