Getting fit is about more than losing weight

Monday October 14, 2013

Written by: Latoia Harris, Personal Trainer

Why are people told that exercise is a way to lose weight, when so many of us enjoy sport for how it makes us feel, not how it makes us look?

Why do we exercise? Is it to be fitter, stronger, faster . . . or just thinner? For some, the answer is always the latter.

From TV to radio programs, we are nagged to join a gym, while magazines engage in soul-searching on why we can’t keep to our promises of losing weight. In January in particular, it’s hard to find anywhere that talks about exercise without a focus on weight and looks. Even fitness magazines are at it, with cover models, male and female, who are not just healthily slim, but thin or have muscles that are clearly overstimulated.

And the gym provides no escape…Unless you join a wellness center that focuses more on wellness and fitness and overall just being healthy. With more of the commercial gyms they don’t seem to understand it when you say “I just want to be fitter and stronger” – there have been cases that during the gym introduction the staff actually look at you and tell you where you could stand to lose weight even if it’s not your focus.  Another situation that has been encountered at commercial gyms is where the staff at the gym keeps asking whether the member wants to lose weight, or inches off a certain area. The staff didn’t seem to understand that the member joined because they thought it would be fun to take some classes with their friends or just to have a place to get away and relax. The message seems to be clear; what matters to them is not your health or enjoyment, but your weight on the scales and or the dreaded BMI.

But for most people who exercise regularly this is a side issue. Instead they focus about how exercise makes them happier and proud of what their bodies can achieve. There is nothing like a lunchtime run for forgetting how annoying your colleagues have been all morning, and getting the day’s deadlines in perspective.

So whether you truly do want to lose inches, lose weight or just relax; just remember to Do it for YOU, HAVE FUN and ENJOY LIFE!