Facial Wellness Massage and Acupressure

Monday September 9, 2013

Written by: Nancy Vincent LBMT #5281

Facial Massage that uses acupressure stimulates the flow of subtle but powerful life energy known as chi. Based on the Chinese system of medicine, the meridians are like riverbeds that circulate the chi through the body along 14 channels, each relating to one of the vital organs. By lightly pressing on specific points along these meridians, energy flows to them and stimulates the chi as well as improving the circulation of blood. These channels need to be flowing freely for optimal health, and any blocks act like a dam that inhibits this flow. Many meridians end on the face and are related to digestion, especially the stomach. Keep that in mind when you make dietary decisions, for the results of those decisions can show up on the face! When you set aside time to restore balance in the body by massaging the face, hands and feet (all of which have pressure points connected to the meridians ) you increase your life force which is reflected in the brightness of your eyes and the radiance of your skin!

As certified acupuncturist, aesthetician, and Chinese medicine practitioner Victoria J. Mogilner www.east-westcenter.com says being beautiful is an “inside job“ which takes time to cultivate. To find out more about facial massage, contact Facial Wellness Specialist Nancy Vincent LBMT #5281 at nturland@unch.unc.edu or call the Front Desk of the Wellness Center at Meadowmont (919) 966-5500 to make an appointment.