The Importance of Paying Attention

Monday September 2, 2013

Written by: Leslie Roach, Massage Therapist and Group Fitness Instructor

What we pay attention to becomes our reality. Our capacities to pay attention and be aware are two powerful, necessary and fundamental principles for living a healthy and well-balanced life. When we are in a state of awareness, we can have the experience of a content and fulfilling life. That being said, we have stressors such as families, jobs or various pains in our body (i.e. your shoulders and neck), that can inhibit our well-balanced lives and STRESS is a fact of life. The good news is this does not have to consume us, we just need to start being aware of it so we can have a choice in how to deal with it, instead of allowing stress control us, or making us think or feel that we are tired and exhausted. Some stress is natural and even good, but too much over a prolonged period of time can cause harm in our bodies, possibly leading to chronic pain. Therapeutic massage stimulates the action of the parasympathetic nervous system to lower stress hormones to induce a relaxed state. In other words, massage actually helps our bodies stop the accumulation and normalization of stress and shift into a state of strengthening our immune response which increases our resistance to injury and disease and helps us feel rejuvenated. So, pay attention to your stressors, your stress levels and get regular massage to help keep your body and life in balance.