No Sugar, No Flour for 6 months

Monday August 12, 2013

Written by: Cara Demu, MPH, RD

Every time I prepare for a new lecture I get so excited to share my perspective on the latest and greatest lifestyle solutions for a myriad of conditions which might plague our physiology. Next Tuesday we will be talking about balancing the body by allowing the deepest functional part of the cell, the nucleus (home of DNA), the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate itself.

We will be exploring how to get our DNA onto the path of wellness through the scientific discipline called nutrigenomics. The theory behind nutrigenomics is that the right nutrients have the power to make our DNA work efficiently and the wrong nutrients or chronically low levels of the right nutrients can make our DNA misfire. In other words, diet plays a much more important role than simply supplying calories and some essential vitamins and minerals. This also means that we have a great say in our level of wellbeing by simply paying attention to the quality of what we eat: nutrient density becomes paramount!

Given this intriguing knowledge, I want to apply the nutrigenomics principles to issues of weight and their associated dysfunctions. Consuming foods rich in the nutrients that support the body on the cellular level will positively impact the DNA. Eliminating nutritional factors that interfere with seamless DNA expression will steer our cells towards homeostasis or balance and we will begin to feel better and become lighter.

I find that when we approach weight loss as a healing measure rather than simply one of vanity, it is easier to get the mind and the will on board. Nutrigenomics may sound overly technical but in fact it is very straightforward, logical and easy to apply. Aren’t you dying to know more? Come join us for a whole new way of looking at weight management and wellness as a whole. You will never think of your cells in the same way again! Tuesday 8/13 at 6:30pm UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont.